Gaurav Chaturvedi

From Battlefield to Boardroom, Ensuring Watertight Security

Gaurav Chaturvedi

Deputy Vice President – Head Of Security/ Vigilance/ Hospitality/ Facilities,

Sunteck Realty

Throughout his career spanning over 25 years, Colonel Gaurav Chaturvedi has transformed several big corporations’ risk and security aspects. Currently serving as the Deputy Vice President and Head of Security, Vigilance, Hospitality and Facilities at Sunteck Realty, he oversees a vast landscape of responsibilities. His role includes not only managing multilayered security operations but also ensuring seamless 24/7 operations for a township housing over 45,000 residents. In this capacity, he orchestrates crisis management, business continuity, traffic management, and emergency response initiatives, ensuring the safety and well-being of the entire community.
Colonel Gaurav’s corporate journey is marked by transformative roles. He played a pivotal role in revamping the security setup for Lodha Builders, where he demonstrated his expertise in business continuity, risk assessment, and stakeholder management. Previously, as the first Head of Security at Adani Infrastructure and Developers, he laid the groundwork for an entire security vertical, overseeing aspects such as employee security, access control, and CCTV surveillance for large townships and office complexes in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. His knack for process optimisation and documentation proved instrumental in reshaping security strategies for the organisation.
Beyond his corporate achievements, Colonel Gaurav’s passions and talents add depth to his persona. His adventurous pursuits, such as mountaineering, skiing, skydiving, and scuba diving and motorbiking, reflect his thirst for challenges. Moreover, his martial arts expertise, along with his linguistic proficiency, demonstrates a commitment to both physical and mental discipline.
Yet, it is Colonel Gaurav’s philanthropic endeavours that truly illuminate his character. He is actively involved in social causes, including supporting HIV-positive children and contributing to orphanages. Fluent in multiple languages and skilled in persuasive and disruptive psychological operations, he channels his abilities towards executing national strategic intents. When interviewing Colonel Gaurav, TradeFlock delved deep into his journey, learning, and plans for the future. 

Kindly share your experiences transitioning from the Indian Army to your current role and the challenges you encountered.

With a strong military background and 25 years of service in the elite Seventh Battalion Parachute Regiment (Special Forces), my decision to leave the army was prompted by the desire to be closer to my family. The challenges I faced included adapting to civilian life, unlearning military habits, and redefining leadership in a non-military context. Seeking guidance from my wife, friends, and military contacts, I maintained a positive attitude, openness to learning, and humility, allowing me to successfully navigate this transition.

How has your military background influenced your approach as a corporate security leader?

Drawing from my military background, I bring discipline, teamwork, and crisis management skills to my role as a security leader. I foster collaboration, encourage open communication, and value individual strengths within the team. By embracing advanced technologies like those of Screening technologies/ Biometrics and CCTV cameras to name a few, I ensure a dynamic and robust security approach, blending experience with innovation for optimal results.

How do you blend traditional security methods with modern technology in your role as a security leader?

Bridging the gap between traditional security methods and modern technology involves regular education and communication. I conduct regular briefings and training sessions for employees and residents, explaining the benefits and implications of new security technologies. I ensure that the security personnel are welltrained and professional, creating a positive image for the organisation. By applying a balanced approach between technology and manpower, we optimise our security measures and create a safer environment for everyone.

What drives your motivation to handle diverse responsibilities in security, hospitality, facilities, and administration? How do you maintain an effective balance among these roles?

My motivation stems from passion and the drive to create an impact. I believe in maintaining a balanced lifestyle, which includes exercise and a proper diet, to stay energetic and focused. Efficient time management, task prioritisation, and taking breaks to prevent burnout are key to balancing diverse responsibilities. I maintain a positive, interactive approach, engaging in physical activities and volunteering. Continuous learning and upskilling also play a vital role, keeping me motivated and energised to handle multiple roles effectively.

How has meditation shaped your approach to risk-taking in military and corporate roles?

Meditation has been transformative, nurturing a calm, focused mindset essential for risk assessment. This practice equips me to make swift, calculated decisions amid high-stress scenarios, ensuring safety and success. On military missions, it sharpened my strategic thinking and aided crisis management. In corporate spheres, it guides me to navigate complexities with confidence, fostering a proactive, problem-solving attitude. By enhancing clarity and reducing impulsivity, meditation becomes my anchor, empowering me to manage risks effectively, both in combat zones and corporate boardrooms.

Where do you envision yourself in the next five years, and what are your future plans and aspirations?

In the next five years, I aim to excel in a senior corporate position, leveraging my skills and expertise. I plan to pursue advanced education, potentially from institutions like the Indian School of Business, to further enhance my capabilities. My goal is to make substantial contributions to my organisation and the community by sharing my knowledge and expertise. I am committed to ongoing volunteer work, focusing on supporting underprivileged individuals and fostering their growth and development.