Mukul Kulshrestha

The Architect of Secure Digital Futures

Mukul Kulshrestha

VP Security

Inspira Enterprise

Digital technology has become the backbone of global economies, emphasising the pivotal role of cybersecurity. With businesses and individuals alike reliant on interconnected technologies, the need for expert guidance in safeguarding digital assets has become paramount. Mukul Kulshrestha, the Vice President of Security at Inspira Enterprise, is a stalwart in this domain, bringing forth a wealth of experience and expertise in cybersecurity and digital transformation.
With a professional journey spanning over a decade in cybersecurity, Mukul has dedicated himself to the world of cybersecurity and digital transformation. His passion for technology, coupled with an unwavering commitment to protecting our digital environment, has defined his career trajectory. Mukul’s expertise extends across various key domains, including Cyber Security and SOC Operation, SOC and NextGen SOC Delivery, Security Solution and Service Delivery, Digital Transformation, Security Architecture, IT Audit and Risk Advisory, Project Management, and Info Security Programme Management.
A pivotal force in initiating, planning, and executing projects, Mukul possesses a deep understanding of cybersecurity domains such as Transitioning to AI equipped futuristic Next Gen SOC, Application Security, Cloud Security, Automation & Orchestration, GRC, Deception, End Point & Network Defence. His approach revolves around core security principles, emphasising Zero Trust, Privacy and Data Protection, AI and ML, IoT, and DevSecOps to stay ahead of emerging challenges in the ever-evolving intersection of cybersecurity and digital transformation.
Mukul’s role goes beyond conventional expectations. He is not merely a guardian of digital assets; he is an architect of secure digital futures. With a blend of technical expertise and strategic vision, he navigates this complex terrain, ensuring that businesses and individuals alike can embrace the digital age with confidence. TradeFlock interviewed Mukul to learn about his journey, strategies, and methodologies to achieve this.  

What significant cybersecurity challenges have you encountered in your career, and how did you address them?

In my cybersecurity tenure, I’ve confronted a spectrum of challenges. If I can call upon – top holders will be ransomware assaults and compliance intricacies. Still the top of chart always goes to resource crunch or finding the right skills from Market. How I dealt with them – strategy is to be focused on swift incident response, coupled with rigorous preventive tactics, proved pivotal against ransomware attacks and advanced persistent threats. Adhering meticulously to evolving compliance standards and legal frameworks was vital in regulatory scenarios. Additionally, instilling a robust security culture within organisations plays a pivotal role in countering various threats. Addressing resource constraints demanded innovative solutions rather relying only on market which include Use of Automation, optimising existing resources and prioritising high-impact security initiatives. My approach blends proactive measures, continuous learning, and collaborative efforts with industry peers. This dynamic strategy ensures resilient cybersecurity defences, navigating the ever-changing threat landscape effectively. By staying vigilant and employing a flexible approach, I have not only tackled challenges but also fortified cybersecurity postures, safeguarding digital landscapes against emerging threats.

How do you assess security risks for services like cloud migration, IoT adoption, and AI integration?

At Inspira Enterprise, ensuring the security of our services, including cloud migration, IoT adoption, and AI integration, is our top priority. We adopt a meticulous approach to embrace technological progress while safeguarding our systems, data, and client trust. Our methods include utilising renowned frameworks like MITRE, NIST Cybersecurity Framework and CIS Controls, conducting detailed threat modelling exercises, and implementing specific security measures tailored to identified vulnerabilities. We focus on reducing the attack surface through rigorous techniques such as vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. Our proactive stance involves continuous monitoring, predictive threat analysis, and efficient use of threat intelligence and OSINT. Employee education is key; we invest in training to reinforce security best practices. Rigorous evaluation of third-party vendors and a robust incident response plan further fortify our security posture. At Inspira Enterprise, our approach is agile, adaptive, and always evolving to address the sprouting threat landscape and technological advancements, ensuring a secure digital environment for our clients and partners.

How do you secure sensitive data and applications in a cloudbased digital transformation environment with the rising adoption of cloud services?

Our approach to securing sensitive data in cloud-based digital transformation is precise and thorough. We initiate with tailored risk assessments, informing our cloud security strategy. Data is classified by sensitivity, utilising strong encryption for both transit and stored data, ensuring accessibility only with proper decryption keys. Detection controls, like security monitoring, logging, and identity management, strengthen our defences. Regular security audits ensure compliance with industry standards. Our strategy integrates compliance commitment, technical measures, employee education, and proactive monitoring, striking a balance between cloud benefits and safeguarding critical data and applications.

How do you foster a culture of security awareness and accountability among employees and stakeholders as a security leader?

My role as a security leader revolves around cultivating a culture of security consciousness and accountability across the organisation. I firmly believe in the shared responsibility of cybersecurity, encompassing every member of our team and stakeholders. My approach centres on education, open communication, and a collective commitment to security. Through engaging employees and stakeholders, setting a positive example, and promoting a culture of awareness and accountability, we establish a resilient organisation. This proactive stance equips us to safeguard our assets and data effectively in our ever-evolving digital landscape. As the saying goes “Seeing is Believing”, if you demonstrate strong commitment to security yourself, others will surely follow.
















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