Lee Jordan: Gate Energy’s New Chief Executive Officer

GATE Energy has been established as a leading and global provider of engineering, commissioning, and speciality in the energy industry. The company made an announcement, positioning Lee Jordan as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Mr Lee Jordan is said to replace the founder of GATE Energy, Mr Grant Gibson. 

Former CEO and founder, Grant Gibson is all set to transition to a new position of Chairman of the Board Of Directors. He will also be seated at the post of Director of Singapore. Mr Gibson would be seen, performing the role of an advisor for Lee Jordan, the newly appointed CEO. Mr Grant Gibson would also focus on the international expansion of business in the parts of Southeast Asia. 

In an official statement, Grant Gibson said, “Lee is the perfect leader for GATE Energy in the next phase of growth of the company, Lee is one of the longest-serving members of the GATE family and has extensive experience in various aspects of how we deliver value to our clients by strongly focusing on quality, safety, staff development and, maintaining the servant leadership culture within our organization.” This statement shows the positive relations between Grant Gibson and Lee Jordan. 

GATE Energy is the provider of special field services and holds a strong position in this industry. Lee Jordan has been serving the company for around 20 years, his journey started when he graduated as an engineer and since then worked in different positions in the company. He is a well-known figure in the company, interacting with the clients, employees and skilled people. He is said to maximise the results with his exceptional efforts. Mr Jordan thanked the founder for choosing him to serve the company as a CEO. He is positive to take the company to its new heights with maximised efforts and working on new opportunities which include proper usage of renewable resources and extending the outcomes and profits. 

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