How To Use LinkedIn QR Code Generator For Free 

LinkedIn is a global professional platform that connects people together and provides a great networking opportunity. Professionals, students, and companies create LinkedIn profiles to research the industry, build community, scale personal branding, and get in touch with professionals. In a recent update, LinkedIn allows users to create QR code for LinkedIn profile that helps other users search through a simple scan. 

LinkedIn QR code generator eases the accessibility of tracking profiles. If you want to know more, read the blog to get the complete details on the QR generator.

LinkedIn QR Code Generator: How Does It Work?

As per the latest statistics, LinkedIn has over 900 million active users in 2023. More than 200 countries’ residents actively use this global platform to expand their professional network. Isn’t it hard to find the right LinkedIn profile? QR codes for LinkedIn can support easy searches.

The LinkedIn QR code generator will let users get their personalised QR codes to share with their networks. It is free and takes a few minutes to generate LinkedIn QR code. Once any LinkedIn user shares the QR code with others, they will scan the code, and it will redirect them to the profile. 

It is one of the simplest and best ways to search any profile and will ensure you land on the correct or authentic user profile. Users can generate LinkedIn QR code and share them on their business profiles, social media and even business cards to grow their networks by connecting to top leaders

QR code for LinkedIn comprises black and white spots encoded with numbers. Once any user scans the QR through the camera, it decodes the number & data and redirects to the LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn QR code generator creates a unique QR for every profile. 

Steps To Create QR Code For LinkedIn Profile

You need to follow the simple steps to generate a LinkedIn QR code. You can find your QR using your desktop and LinkedIn app. Here are the steps for using the LinkedIn QR code generator

Step 1: Open Your LinkedIn Profile using the app or desktop. 

Step 2: You will see a search bar on the top of your feed page; tap on the bar. 

Step 3: On the right corner of the search bar, you will notice a small QR icon; click on the icon. 

Step 4: Click on ‘My Code’ to generate LinkedIn QR code.

Step 5: Now, you can see your profile QR code; either click on ‘share my code’ to the message, email or other apps, or you can click on save to photos’ to download the QR to your gallery.

Steps To Scan QR Code For LinkedIn

As we have already covered how to create QR code for LinkedIn profile, the next step in the process is the right process to scan it. Here are the simple steps to follow for a scan using LinkedIn QR code generator:

Step 1: Go to your LinkedIn Profile. 

Step 2: Click on the search bar at the top of your homepage. 

Step 3: Locate a small QR scan icon in the top right corner and click on it.

Step 4: Beside My code, click on the option showing the scan. 

Step 5: You can place your smartphone above the QR to scan through a camera lens; another option is to upload the image of the QR from the gallery.

Step 6: After successfully scanning the QR, you will be redirected to the LinkedIn profile.

Different Ways to Use QR Code for LinkedIn Profiles

You can use QR code for LinkedIn in multiple ways depending on your professional requirements. If you are a graduate or postgraduate student, you can still make the best use of LinkedIn QR codes to expand your networking.

Place on Your CV/Resume 

Most professionals and fresh graduates focus on building a resume that stands out in the shortlisting. So, inserting a LinkedIn QR code on your resume can create a good impression, preferably for applying digital marketing, tech-savvy fields, and creative profiles.

Imprint on Business Card 

Unique designs of visiting or business cards can add value to your company’s growth through quality networking. If there is simple text information, there is a high chance your potential customers will never search for the details. However, placing QR generated through the LinkedIn QR code generator can be an excellent advantage for long-lasting impressions.

Meeting & Conferences 

Any spokesperson or event manager actively engaging in conferences or organising events can add a LinkedIn QR code under the presentation deck. It creates a great opportunity to swipe thousands of followers, as it is too convenient to scan the profile. 

Email Signature

Nowadays, businesses are actively using email marketing to communicate with potential clients. In the footer section, the email signature is placed with the individual name, job profile, contact information, and others. Using the LinkedIn QR code generator, you can paste your profile QR to make it more accessible for others to receive your emails.

Final Thoughts! 

LinkedIn’s growth and reach are increasing yearly; active users find it a value-packed platform to land their dream jobs and connect with industry leaders. So, adding to the advantages, using a LinkedIn QR code generator will contribute to the scale of personal branding. 

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