Major Streaming and Social Media Platforms Are Going Big

Gaming is booming in the modern world. Thanks to the advancements made in technology, we’re able to enjoy gaming on a more diverse range of platforms. As such, away from PC and console gaming opportunities, the on-demand streaming services and social media sites that we typically access are also aiming to make an impact in the gaming sphere.

Most of the major platforms in this appealing category of entertainment recognize that diversification is key if they’re to retain their current customers and attract new ones. As such, providing an attractive product for the billions of gamers on earth makes a great deal of sense. Alongside posting an important update and enjoying the latest tracks from a major artist, we could all soon be utilizing a variety of games. From Netflix to Spotify, increasing the offering with the introduction of some gaming products appears to be on the cards. In fact, Netflix Gaming is already in motion, although it’s still in its infancy.

Netflix has integrated its sixth in-house game studio

Talking of Netflix, the subscription streaming service and production company has made great strides in the gaming category of entertainment. Having launched the aforementioned Netflix Gaming in November 2021, the company has gone on to recently purchase its sixth in-house game studio, Spry Fox, that will produce gaming products for Netflix. Diverse releases will certainly be a priority, with audiences of today typically experiencing a wide range of gaming services, from console-quality titles and traditional live dealer products to puzzle releases and themed slots like Wolf Gold. Given the giant strides made by Netflix, disrupting the gaming space appears to be the next aim for this innovative company. Spry Fox has joined the likes of Night School Studio and Boss Fight Entertainment in joining the Netflix family. With earth’s biggest streaming service having a massive subscriber base of over 221 million, it’s only a matter of time before the company starts making big waves in the gaming world.

Spotify has snapped up a popular music trivia game

Following a noticeable trend from a variety of modern-day services, just like Netflix, Spotify is making a clear move into the gaming world. On July 12, the Swedish audio streaming and media services provider purchased a popular music trivia game called Heardle. While this particular purchase is the first time Spotify has shown an interest in branching out into gaming, it shows the way things are heading. Such a purchase certainly has the ability to enhance the overall package of music streaming services also, with users able to load up their favorite playlist before diving in for a gaming session to accompany it. The fact that both entertainment options can be housed in one neat and tidy location makes it a mightily appealing product for users to experience, although Spotify will certainly need to add to the likes of Heardle if it is to experience any success in the gaming sphere. Given the success of Spotify and the clever thinking that has helped shape the biggest music streaming platform ever, nailing the gaming aspect of the brand is surely just around the corner.

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