Make In India – Best Manufacturers 2024


India’s economic saga is dynamic, and the Make in India initiative has been a transformative force, thrusting Indian manufacturers into the limelight of global innovation and production. The manufacturing sector is on track to hit an impressive milestone of USD 1 trillion by 2025, which is expected to contribute roughly 25% to the nation’s GDP. Indian manufacturers are not merely participating in this initiative but at its helm. Since its inception in 2014, the initiative has witnessed a 55% increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) equity inflow into the manufacturing sector, amounting to $148.97 billion from 2014 to 2023. As Indian manufacturers continue to innovate and grow, they strengthen the domestic market and establish a formidable international presence. 

In its exclusive edition, ‘Make in India—Best Manufacturers 2024,’ TradeFlock celebrates and honours India’s leading manufacturers, who are the lighthouses for Make in India Initiatives.

Senior Director

Digital Live Services serves as a shining example of how adversity can be transformed into opportunity and how one individual’s vision can change the course of an entire industry. Through relentless innovation and a commitment to quality, the company has created a legacy of positive change in the educational sector, paving the way for a more connected and technologically advanced future in education.

Menrva Technologies

The Amara Raja Group, renowned for its commitment to industrial innovation and sustainability, has firmly established itself in Indian corporate landscape. This conglomerate, which seamlessly integrates advanced technology with eco-friendly practices, was founded in 1985. The group has significantly expanded its reach, evolving from a modest start to becoming a major player in the automotive battery industry and various other sectors.

AUK Computing

Americhem, Inc., headquartered in Ohio, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality control and management practices and boasts over eight decades of experience. The company leads in designing and manufacturing custom colour masterbatches, additives, and performance technologies. At the core of Americhem’s ethos lies a relentless pursuit of performance, solutions, and trust.

Chropynska India

Baheti Recycling Industries Limited is a key player in aluminium recycling, showcasing India’s resilience and potential. Established in 1994, the company swiftly adapted to become a category leader in aluminium recycling. With plans for a significant expansion in production capacity, Baheti is strategically positioned to fill the gap created by the international sanctions.

Regional Sales Director

Dixon’s focus on automation and digitalisation has bolstered its productivity and quality assurance, equipping it to satisfy the requirements of local and global markets. Its cutting-edge manufacturing facilities are outfitted with refined machinery and technology, facilitating a smooth and efficient manufacturing process. The company’s comprehensive manufacturing workflow ensures meticulous accuracy and efficiency at each step. 

Director - AI

Founded in 1971, Nirmal Group has exemplified remarkable expansion, propelled by a steadfast commitment to prudent financial practices and a culture of sustainable growth. The company’s strategic initiatives, including diversification into zinc wires and expansion in the aluminium sector, reflect a keen understanding of market dynamics and a proactive stance toward innovation.

Energy & Utilities,

Hindalco Industries Limited, the Aditya Birla Group’s metals flagship, has etched an indelible mark on India’s industrial landscape since its inception. Hindalco’s story began in the nascent Indian democracy of the 1950s, with its official journey commencing in 1958. Beyond copper and specialty alumina manufacturing, its diverse product range serves various industries, including electrical, mass transportation, automotive, and packaging.

Co-Founder &

Emerging from its genesis in Aluva, Kerala, IREL swiftly ascended to governmental patronage in 1963 under the auspices of the Department of Atomic Energy, solidifying its stature as a crucial Government of India undertaking. Over the decades, IREL strategically expanded its footprint across the southern expanse, establishing mineral divisions in Chavara, Kerala, and Manavalakurichi, Tamil Nadu. 

Head, Asia Pacificers

Uno Minda Limited, previously Minda Industries Limited, is a prominent global manufacturer of automotive solutions and systems. Over its six-decade journey, Uno Minda has evolved from a fledgling company into a key player in the global automotive industry, known for its innovation, quality, and commitment to sustainability.

Amzur Technologies

United Phosphorus Limited (UPL) has strategically positioned itself as the world’s fifth-largest agrochemical company. UPL’s ascent is attributed to its relentless focus on sustainable agricultural practices, extensive research and development, and strategic acquisitions.