Make In India – Best Manufacturers in 2024 To Look Forward

The Indian government introduced Make in India to divert manufacturing focus on local alternatives, inducing employment and economic stability. The vision is to make India self-reliant and a hub of manufacturing innovation and design to match global standards. Based on current trends, India has an immense opportunity to increase its global manufacturing export share; also, the government is looking to raise manufacturing to 25% of GDP from 17.7% by 2025

TradeFlock interviewed India’s leading manufacturers leveraging the Make in India initiative to recognise which qualities make them  “Make In India – Best Manufacturers in 2024”. Here are the top characteristics. 

Take Forward The ‘Make In India’ Initiative

Top Indian manufacturing companies leveraging the Make in India scheme expand their existing production capacity by integrating lean manufacturing and total quality management. How far did they accomplish the motto of this initiative? It measures the success parameters for the best manufacturers in India. 

Innovation Milestones

Over the years, Make In India has led the manufacturing industry to attract foreign investment and boost technology innovations. Leading Indian manufacturers ease the pathway for advanced tech, such as additive manufacturing, robotics for automation, artificial intelligence to boost quality production and the Internet of Things for efficient monitoring.

Quality Standard & Process 

Make In India gears up the quality standards with the transforming idea of ‘zero defect, zero effect’ or ZED for the manufacturing sector. Homogeneous Manufacturers in India enhance their quality control measures and environmental conservation. India’s homogeneous manufacturers utilise ideas to achieve top-quality standards for domestic and international buyers.

Logistics & Operation 

By 2025, the Indian logistics sector is estimated to hit the $350-380 billion target. Top Indian manufacturers, making the most of facilities provided under Make in India, enhance their warehousing network distribution and ownership across the country to bring competitiveness to the global market. They ultilise technology-based logistics to counter transit complications and reshape the new avenue for in-house operation. 

Stringent About Safety & Security 

The initiative forced a cultural shift to foster a safety culture, and the government took steps to create the National Occupational Safety and Health Profile. Indian manufacturers align their operations with the standard regulatory framework and follow the norms of technology integration, ensuring the Indian manufacturing landscape encompasses safety protocols, safe equipment, and emergency responses to counter vulnerabilities.

TradeFlock picks its list of Make in India- Best Manufacturer 2024 based on the above-mentioned features and characteristics of manufacturers. 

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