Makiko Hamase: Revolutionsing Workforce Dynamics 

Global HR leaders’ role in shaping the direction of multinational organisations by introducing and executing innovative strategies that optimise the potential of human capital and cultivate a culture of excellence is more than significant in today’s corporate landscape. Leading the HR division at Toyota Tsusho, Makiko Hamase embodies this transformative leadership, drawing on his extensive experience and forward-thinking approach to propel organisational success. As the CHRO, Hamase’s influence extends throughout the company as he implements cutting-edge HR practices to attract top talent, support professional growth, and boost employee engagement. 

Through her advocacy for diversity, facilitation of cross-cultural collaboration, and promotion of a dynamic workplace environment, Hamase ensures Toyota Tsusho remains a frontrunner in global competitiveness. With her strategic foresight and unwavering dedication to talent development, Hamase fortifies the company’s market position and fosters a culture of innovation and excellence that drives sustained growth and success amidst the ever-evolving global landscape.

Makiko Hamase’s professional journey shows her relentless dedication to organisational excellence and the nurturing of human capital. As the Chief Human Resources Officer of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, a global industry leader with an impressive annual turnover of US$60 billion, her leadership has been instrumental in shaping a workforce of approximately 70,000 individuals worldwide.

Over 25 years, Makiko’s career path has been characterised by diverse experiences that have refined her human resources and organisational development expertise. Beginning with a foundation in marketing, she gained a comprehensive understanding of business operations before transitioning into the HR domain. This breadth of experience has equipped him with a nuanced perspective on effectively managing and optimising human capital within organisations.

Throughout her professional journey, Hamase has consistently showcased her adaptability and expertise in managing centralised HR functions and addressing the unique needs of businesses. Her roles have spanned a wide spectrum, including crafting HR strategies, overseeing talent management initiatives, nurturing executive development programs, spearheading corporate university projects, fostering business partnerships, managing employee relations, shaping HR policies, championing diversity initiatives, and optimising domestic and international organisational structures.

A defining characteristic of Hamase’s leadership is her global perspective, honed through her experiences in Japan and New York. She is Proficient in Japanese and English and excels in cross-cultural environments, facilitating collaboration and synergy among diverse teams. Her hands-on approach and strong sense of integrity and logic equip him to adeptly navigate complex challenges and make strategic decisions that propel organisational success.

Hamase’s dedication to continuous learning and professional development is evident in her participation in prestigious programs such as the ASPEN executive seminar course in Colorado. Additionally, her involvement as a board member of the National University and auditor of the Business Schools Accreditation Association in Japan underscores her commitment to shaping future leaders and enhancing HRM mechanisms.

Before assuming her role at Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Hamase held influential leadership positions at prestigious companies such as LIXIL Corporation and Sony Corporation. At LIXIL, he held multiple titles, including Corporate Executive and Managing Director of the Human Resources Strategy Division, as well as Senior Corporate Executive, Senior Vice President, and CHRO of LIXIL Housing Technology. In these roles, he played a pivotal part in crafting HR strategies and fostering an innovative culture within the organisation. Her tenure at Sony Corporation was equally impactful, where he served as General Manager of Human Resources and later as Director of Global Human Resources, cementing her reputation as a transformative leader in HR.

Beyond her corporate roles, Hamase is actively involved in shaping the broader landscape of HR and leadership development. Her participation in committees at METI and MEXT demonstrates her commitment to promoting diversity and nurturing global talent. Furthermore, her engagements as a lecturer and seminar speaker underscore her dedication to sharing knowledge and fostering growth across academia, businesses, and public institutions.

In summary, Makiko Hamase’s leadership journey embodies a fusion of strategic foresight, operational prowess, and an unwavering dedication to talent development, all within the context of a rapidly evolving global environment. Her influence extends far beyond Toyota Tsusho Corporation, shaping the future of HRM and leadership development across various industries on a global scale.

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