Maximising Marketing Impact with Minimal Resources in 2024

Vinit Godara  
Founder Chairman , 39 Solutions

Vinit Godara is the CEO and Co-Founder of MyTeam11, a leading fantasy sports platform. Under his leadership, MyTeam11 has emerged as a major player in the fantasy sports industry, offering users an immersive experience by blending sports enthusiasm with strategic gameplay, thereby contributing significantly to the digital sports entertainment landscape.  

In the current real money gaming industry landscape, companies are balancing maximizing impact and preserving resources. Funding Winter is evident in the western region and is expected to persist for some time. Despite the reduced inflow of funds, brands are resolute in upholding their visibility, strategically selecting mediums to distinguish themselves. 


The winds of change swept through our industry in 2023. Regulatory shifts like the 28% GST on deposits tighten our belts. This has resulted in an increase in our liability, causing a contraction in our cash flow. While cash flow is crucial for acquiring new users, brands have become more cautious in their spending practices compared to the past. Consequently, this regulatory shift has prompted companies in the industry to re-evaluate their marketing spending, putting a special focus on reducing the burden of this tax. 


But here’s the thing: adversity breeds innovation. With our backs against the wall, our in-depth and resourceful marketing tactics will pave the way for a turnaround. Focusing on data-driven optimisation, analysing every campaign, and evaluating conversion, we are executing a strategy that ensures prudent and strategic spending, resulting in maximum return on investment for every penny spent. In order to increase our impact without going over budget, we sought for hidden gems in our strategic partnership, and built a Fantasy Sports Network (FSN), to extend our influence.


Yes, the industry as a whole might be wary of big-ticket infusions. But that doesn’t mean we’re stagnating. We’re investing smartly, prioritising initiatives with guaranteed ROI and measurable impacts. We’re doubling down on building brand loyalty, nurturing a community of passionate players who become our biggest advocates. We embrace agility and adaptability, constantly evolving our strategies based on real-time feedback and market trends.


The truth is, 2024 isn’t about limitations- it’s about opportunity. It’s about disrupting the status quo and proving that creativity trumps over financial hurdles. It’s about demonstrating that a lean, data-driven approach can conquer even the toughest challenges.


In our company, we’re not just weathering the storm, but setting the standard for resource efficient marketing, proving that innovation and grit can overcome any obstacle.

This is a message not just for the real money gaming industry, but for every entrepreneur facing a tight budget strain. Remember, it’s not about how much you spend, but how smartly you spend it. Embrace the challenge, unleash your creativity, and watch your minimal resources transform into maximum impact.
















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