Mercedes-Benz Sales Decline By 1% In The Previous Year 

The biggest luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz delivered 2. 5 million cars in 2022, which is 1% down compared to the previous year, said the company on Tuesday. It also mentioned that it could be the impact of COVID-19 measures and bottlenecks. 

The company said that entry-level vehicles, the lowest price segment of the brand, saw a 10% sales drop primarily due to the supply chain bottleneck. In contrast, the sales of the electric vehicle more than doubled units, the company said. 

The immense increase in passenger car sales over the years was registered in the United States at 4%. On the other hand, Europe saw an increase of 1%, while China saw a drop of 1% in 2022. 

BMW Group, a competitor, delivered just 2. 4 million units in the previous year, down by 4.8% compared to the year before, with the brand sales down 5.1% as bottlenecks caused by lockdowns in China and crises in Russia and Ukraine. 

As per the reports, 2022 was not the year for luxury cars. Carmakers, throughout the world, saw a decline in their sales. Now it is to see whether the companies would be able to achieve their target this year. 

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