Microsoft Eliminates 1800 Employees As A Part Of Structural Adjustments

Microsoft has cut off 1800 employees across different groups as a part of its structural adjustments. The company states that it cuts some jobs to realign business groups and roles after the close of its fiscal year on June 30. It also added that Microsoft would continue to hire new employees and conclude the current fiscal year with an increased number of employees. 

Today, we had a small number of role eliminations. Like all companies, we evaluate our business priorities regularly and make structural adjustments accordingly”, Microsoft said. The number of layoff employees is less than 1 percent of Microsoft’s total workforce of over 1.8 Lakhs. 

The company cut jobs from different groups, including consulting, customers and partner solutions across different regions worldwide. But Microsoft assures that it will invest in the business and grow headcount overall in the year ahead.

Google, another big giant, said it would slow down the hiring process for the rest of 2022. CEO, Sundar Pichai, in a memo, said, “the company will still support its “most important opportunities” and focus on hiring engineering, technology and other critical roles”. 

Pichai said this after meta announced the same measures since the company failed to achieve its revenue target. Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, also announced that it would slow down the hiring process. 

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Along with this, Tesla, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, also fired some employees earlier this year due to in-house reasons. 

Is it a good move? How will it impact the company’s growth? These are crucial questions.  

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