Microsoft Steps Up The AI Game: Revamps Bing And Edge

In the race to take a step ahead of the other competitors, Microsoft has planned on incorporating its major search engine, Bing and Edge, with new and improved AI technology. This step by the company may reap significant benefits and make it a cut above the rest in this growing field of artificial intelligence. Microsoft aims to capture a bigger market share by revamping its major search engines. The goal of this move is to claim huge returns by providing people with tools that can make the process of content creation and researching easier and more automated. 

Working with OpenAI, the tech giant is making its mark by adding tools and processes to make its engines more powerful and better functioning. According to Microsoft Consumer Chief Marketing Officer Yusuf Mehdi, Bing will be powered by a “large language model”, which will be more potent than ChatGPT. Mehdi also stated that Bing will be “your AI-powered robot for the web.” With this move, Microsoft is making the competition more intense by adding billions of dollars in investment in Bing and Edge. The version is available for live preview for desktop and will be shortly available for mobile versions. 

This move by Microsoft is bringing a challenge to its major competitor Google. The decision to upgrade the Edge browser has proved to be a toe to toe opponent to Google’s Chrome web browser. The announcement of these AI-powered tools has created a buzz and made the competition rigid. Microsoft’s shares rose 2.3% after the news broke, giving the traders a good gain. 

The Chief Executive Of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, remarked “This technology is going to reshape pretty much every software category,” in a briefing at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. 

What could possibly be the next big step in the AI domain? Will new leaders emerge in the AI domain? The answers to these questions are still uncertain. But it can be firmly stated that the AI revolution can turn the tables around for the Tech giants. 

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