Microsoft’s AI Initiative To Train 2 Million Indians

In this day and age, where AI is becoming more relevant, learning basic AI skills is a must. A big announcement was made by Microsoft where it pledges to train 2 million Indians in AI skills under its ADVANTAG(I)GE INDIA initiative. The programme intends to push AI transformation in India and empower the workforce with AI skills. The announcement is part of Microsoft’s ‘wider skills for job’ initiative. The company will partner with local government and non-profit organisations to assist with the training.

CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella also spoke at a conference in Mumbai, where he talked about the importance of AI training in the current world. He also said that he hopes that AI training across the country will lead to equal distribution of economic growth as well. 

Microsoft India’s president, Puneet Chandok also spoke on the matter and said, “ The ADVANTA(I)GE INDIA initiative is a significant step towards democratising access to AI skills across the nation and reflects Microsoft’s deep commitment to enabling inclusive growth with technology”.

Microsoft has already partnered with the Indian government and 10 state governments to provide basic and advanced AI training to over 500,000 students and job aspirants, in more than 100 rural areas across India. The company has set up vocational institutes and training centres to impart the training. Moreover, the company has also said that it will train 100,000 women in 5000 training centres in various tier-2 and tier-3 cities. 

In recent months, many multinational corporations have shown interest in investing in India. Recently, iPhone manufacturer Foxconn also pledged quite a good sum to invest in India and start their assembling plant here in India.

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