7 Most Accurate Weather App for Android and iPhone

You can’t control the weather but can plan according to the weather. With the most accurate weather app, be it traveling, birthday celebration on the beach, or wedding reception at the open resort, plan accordingly!

Weather can change anytime; whether or not you’re planning for a trip, birthday party, or wedding, it would be good to keep an eye on what’s happening in the sky. The best weather app will help you with predicted rain storms or a much higher temperature than estimated and will let you prepare for the most serious conditions. 

If you’re already using a weather app but frustrated by being informed of incorrect weather forecasts, you have to click on the right link this time. We have put some weather apps on the check to see how accurate they are. With the wild weather across the world, we understand the importance of the most accurate weather app on your mobile. Putting lots of effort and investing time, we have got the seven best weather apps for Android and iOS with a few latest features.

Whether you want to prevent yourself from running nose or plan a romantic date, these weather apps are the most accurate and easy to understand. Download Now!

CARROT Weather

Long being an iOS exclusive, the Carrot weather app now helps Android users being the most accurate weather app. However, the app offers different subscription tiers. iOS users can still enjoy features like the weather widget on their home screen. Not only this, iOS will get different features at different prices. 

  • Users with 3 tier subscriptions can receive notifications for rain, snow, storms, and lightning strikes. (Price Cost- $ 24.99 annual cost) 
  • Tier 2 subscribers can create custom reminders triggered by weather conditions. (Price- $9.99)
  • While Tier 1 will alert about the critical weather conditions. (Price Cost- 3.99)

The Android version of the weather app offers time travel and widget features. 

Compatible with Android and iOS

NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime

Another most accurate weather app on the list is here. Formerly known as NOAA Radar Pro, the app has a new name now. iPhone users can search for NOAA weather Radar Live: Clime to download the app and Android users can find it with the Clime name.  

The app is free to download, but premium subscriptions can unlock some best features such as severe weather alerts for all saved locations, lighting and wildfires, temperature, map, and trackers for hurricanes. Overall, it is the best weather app that gives you a full picture of precipitation, temperature, and other weather details. 

Compatible with Android and iOS


If you’re living in a place where the weather changes with a blink of an eye, the most accurate weather app is what you need. WeatherBug is the best weather app that not only offers Doppler Radar but can provide spark lightning alerts and hurricane forecasts. Alongside, it also provides air quality info and pollen count. 

Since it pulls data from the weather services, satellite, and tracking stations, WeatherBug can provide the most accurate real-time conditions with current, hourly, and next ten days forecasts. 

Compatible with Android and iOS

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The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app is your everyday partner. The app is more than just the weather app. Multiple features such as various weather forecast videos, social sharing features, integration with apple watch are enough reasons to download this app.

The app alerts users with lethal viruses, hurricanes, floods, winter storms, extreme heat, and other weather conditions. Whether you want a quick daily forecast update or looking for details for next week, The Weather Channel is the most accurate app to download now. 

Compatible with Android and iOS 

The Weather On The Way

Knowing the weather before starting a road trip is a must. But which is the most accurate weather app that will take you in the right direction? The Weather On The Way is the best weather app that combines severe weather alerts with navigation features. As the name suggests, this app will tell you expected rain, snow, wind, and other hazardous weather conditions during your drive from point A to B. 

The best part is, the app includes sophisticated features like route directions, road visibility, etc. If you have any road trips in the future, The Weather On The Way will surely be a helpful companion to ensure a safe and healthy journey. 

Compatible with iOS 

Yahoo Weather

Designed beautifully and with a user-friendly interface, Yahoo Weather is the most accurate weather app. With its gorgeous interface, the app not only attracts users but also provides the necessary weather information and news. While telling the current weather condition, the app is capable of forecasting five-day weather conditions with interactive radar, heat, and satellite maps.  

Although the Yahoo Weather app offers limited features, its neat and user-friendly interface makes it the best weather app to this date. 

Compatible with Android and iOS

Dark Sky

The dark sky is the iPhone exclusive weather app and the most accurate weather app received the Apple Editor’s Choice Award. The reason to receive this award is its feature of alerting users with severe weather conditions. The app’s ‘Time Machine’ is the most attractive feature. 

With this app, you can fly anytime in the future knowing the severe weather situation. The straightforward algorithm of the app shows indications of storms and how long it is going to last. Because of these most accurate predictions, it is counted as the best weather app. 

Compatible with iOS

The most accurate weather app is the inevitable app on everybody’s smartphone. To get you prepared for the upcoming worst weather condition, install any of these apps according to your suitability and requirement.

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