Know More about the Most Expensive Cameras Worldwide

Have you heard of the phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words? But do you know this picture can be priceless if taken from the world’s most expensive cameras? Having a taste for expensive things is something that everyone cant afford. And when it comes to cameras there is a long list of them. Some most expensive cameras are sold in auctions while others have found a place in museums. The camera has always been a source of attraction for many. Some even pursue photography as their successful career. In the last some years cameras is gaining popularity, while some buy these cameras for personal or professional use, others just want to keep them in their mansions or use them as an object in movies or even use them in exhibitions.    

What Makes A Camera Expensive?  

Technology is developing with every passing day, from no mirror DSLR cameras to digital cameras, there are a number of cameras available in the market. And these prices can vary from high to low in any range. A camera is said to be expensive when it offers something that other cameras can not. The list of most expensive cameras consists mostly of vintage cameras or the first category cameras that were made in the nineteen hundreds. Some of these cameras have a cost of as much as 2 million dollars, i.e, 14 crores in Indian rupees. Do not worry if you do not have this expensive taste because there are many affordable cameras available in the market which is enough for the cameraman hidden in you.    

another reason behind an expensive camera is the technical aspect. The more technically advanced the camera is higher its prices would reach. Most expensive cameras are usually made of expensive parts like Hasselblad H6D 400C MS is known for its multiple shots with a broader spectrum in color. Cameras like these have a high price and even higher maintenance.

World’s Most Expensive Cameras – 

1- Leica 0-Series No.122 

If you are interested in expensive cameras there is no doubt that you haven’t heard about this model. Leica 0 Series is one of the most expensive cameras in the world and its cost is around 2.97 million dollars. Only a limited number of cameras are left in good condition today making it more costly. 

2- Leica M3D-2 

Just like the above camera model the cost of this camera is 2.18 million dollars that can sum up to 17 crore INR. This camera was used in making documentaries and taking photographs of the Vietnam and Korean wars making it a masterpiece. 

3- Suisse Freres Daguerreotype Camera 

Priced at $740,000 this is the last remaining daguerreotype camera in the world. The camera was manufactured in the year of 1839 and contains a large part of our history. This is one of the oldest and most expensive cameras. 

4- Jonathan Ive & Marc Newson Leica M Prototype 

As the name suggests this camera was designed by Marc Newson and Jonathan Ive itself. The cost of this camera is 1.8 million dollars today. It was also auctioned in 2013.   

5- Leica Luxus II 

Another vintage camera dated as old as 1932, costs $6,20,000. The outer body of the camera is gold-plated making it more expensive, however, this piece was sold in Hong Kong in the year 2013. 

6- LargeSense LS911 

The size of this camera is larger if compared to other models. It is as expensive as 79 Lakh Rupees or 106,000 Dollars, the main issue with the camera lies in its extra-large size and the weight. But it is very popular among the most expensive cameras in the world.

7- Phase One XF IQ4 

Costing around 55,000 dollars this superior performance camera is the world’s first camera with 151 megapixels. Correa’s functions and smooth results fix its place in one of the most expensive cameras. 

8- Hasselblad H6D 400C MS 

This Hasselblad camera has pushed many boundaries in the field of photography. Providing the highest quality image with vibrant colors makes it popular among the collectors of the world’s most expensive cameras.        

9- Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic 

One of its kind, Panoscan is a 360-degree camera known for the best panoramic shots. Used in places of great accuracy like police departments and crime reporting. The camera can cost about 40 thousand dollars at market rates. 

10- Mamiya Leaf Credo 80MP with Digital Back 

With DALSA CCD sensors this is a custom-built camera to capture beautiful images displayed on the digital back. The camera is as costly as 36 thousand dollars or 26 lakh Rupees providing powerful images based on its monetary value. 

Last lines – 

Many models listed in the list of most expensive cameras of the world are either sold or are put into auction, making it difficult to barter the market easily. This is yet another reason to make the cameras even more unique. These camera models come under a luxury to afford and keep them.