8 Most Iconic Advertising Campaigns In America

In the past, the most iconic advertising campaigns, such as Apple’s “Get A Mac” and Nike’s “Just Do It,” have helped these companies rise to the top. Even today, global advertising spending grew by  7.6% in 2021. In 2020, around $333.25 billion was spent on digital marketing services around the world. And can you guess how much the USA  spent on advertising? As of 2022, the USA spent $279.14 billion on advertisements!

Proper marketing and advertising campaigns have always been important for establishing a strong foundation for driving revenues. Today, we have compiled a list of the most iconic advertising campaigns that you can take inspiration from to create your own iconic ad campaigns:

#1 US Military – I Want You 

It is one of the most iconic advertising campaigns released by the US government in 1916 to recruit soldiers for World War 1. This campaign proved to be quite effective, and it was even stated that around 4 million copies were printed in the final year of the war. The New York Times article of 1961 suggested that the printed copies might have crossed the number of 5,350,000. 

#2 Google – Year in Search

Another most iconic advertising campaign was Google’s “Year in Search” in 2017. It is an annual report based on what people searched most on their search engines in the last year. Google released a two-minute video aimed at providing an insightful annual recap of the year’s top searches in 2017. That encapsulated the queries asking how to help those affected by natural disasters to provide assistance to local communities. Most interestingly, it featured prominent questions about how to create quite inspirational footage that proved to be a highly effective and insightful marketing gimmick for the search engine giant.

#3 Nike – Just Do It 

Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign is one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time. In 1988, Nike hired the marketing agency Wieden + Kennedy for its first television ad, and the rest is history. The slogan’s simplicity and creativity left a deep and lasting impact on the people’s psyche. It inspired people to push past their limits and become their best version. The ad featured athletes from all walks of life, from children to seniors this sent a message of inclusivity and empowered the people who were looking for motivation to achieve their personal goals. 

#4 Dos Equis – The Most Interesting Man In The World

Dos Equis launched one of its most iconic advertising campaigns, “The most interesting man in the world,” campaign in 2006, and soon after this, the sales of the company increased by 20%, and the total dollar sales went up by 33.7%, even when other companies were facing backlash on their imports, Dos Equis saw an increase. In the studies conducted by Millward Brown firm, the marketing campaign ranked among the top 5% of best ads ever tested. 

#5 Pepsi- Is Pepsi OK?

“Is Pepsi OK?” Does it ring a bell? Yes, it is Pepsi’s most iconic advertising campaign, starring some of the finest actors. The company used an excellent strategy for marketing its product and established an approachable and fun brand image. The advertisement coupled the power of celebrities like Carell, Cardi B, and Lil Jon for cultural relevance with light-hearted humour that made the brand look “approachable and fun.” This resulted in shifting the brand image towards a positive one and increasing Pepsi’s sales by 4% within weeks. 

#6 Apple – Get a Mac 

In 2006, Apple launched one of the most iconic advertising campaigns, which enabled it to capture a significant market share and made the Mac the number one choice for everyday users. Apple’s attempt to keep the advertisement simple and witty made it successful. The white background in the ad kept the focus on the message, and its humour resonated with the audience, making the product approachable and desirable to the people. 

#7 KFC – ‘FCK’

Humor has worked wonders in marketing, whether it is Pepsi or Apple. KFC made a humorous comment against the ongoing outrage towards them for the chicken shortage. This all started when the agreement between the food-delivery specialist Bidvest Logistics came to an end because of an agreement between Quick Service Logistics and Deutsche Post-owned DHL. This disrupted the supply chain and created a chicken shortage. However, seeing this as an opportunity, KFC released a humorous apology by reshuffling the letters of their name as “FCK,” which became one of the most iconic advertising campaigns of all time. 

#8 Procter & Gamble – Thank You, Mom 

This marketing campaign brought a sentimental change in Procter and Gamble’s image. P&G launched its ad campaign in 2012 to collect donations for youth sports. “Thank You, Mom” became a huge success, and with the help of this, the company raised $5 million and supported 150 athletes. This is one of the most iconic advertising campaigns initiated by P&G that not only increased its market share but also changed the company’s perception in the public’s eyes. 

What Makes Advertising Campaigns Iconic?

Experimenting in marketing is like juggling with lit-out torches. Sounds scary, right? Well, this is what it is. What will make the best advertising campaign for you will require a lot of creativity and experimentation. But there are a few basic steps that you need to follow: Perform market research, clearly set down your goals, and get the help of experts who can give you more innovative solutions. We hope you have liked this blog; for more information, follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

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