Most Influential Global HR Leaders: Making A Difference

Evolving organisational landscape is indeed one of the most significant change factors in the sphere of human resources. Disruptions like The Great Resignation Wave, Hybrid Work and Technology impact the company’s structure and workforce planning pushing global HR leaders to navigate through challenges and deal with different performance management practices, cultures and learning & development programs while ensuring legal compliance.

While evaluating the most influential Global HR Leaders in 2023, we found a significant shift in focus of today’s HR leadership than HR leaders back in 2022. The idea of top human resource leaders is clear, but what exactly makes the most influential HR leaders? Below we have highlighted the most important characteristics of top global HR leaders in 2023.
1. Cultural Intelligence
A global HR leader must be sensitive to cultural differences and be adept at working with people from diverse backgrounds. They should demonstrate a genuine interest in learning about various cultures and have experience managing multicultural teams.
2. They talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion
This is another skill that resonates with the best HR leaders in 2023. While speaking with famous HR leaders, we discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion initiatives and how it impacts the organisational functions and brand image.
3. Adaptability and Flexibility
Influential global HR leaders should be able to adapt to changing business environments and manage and navigate through uncertainty and ambiguity.
4. Innovative Mindset
Due to evolving workforces and their demands, the best HR leaders in 2023 should be open to new ideas and approaches and be able to drive innovation within the HR function.
5. They initiate upskilling and employee development programs
Talking about the must-have skill sets for top HR leaders, identifying the grey areas and working on the improvement of aptitude through training and development is an important skill. The most influential global HR leaders think about the employee’s personal growth, bridging the skill gap through continuous learning and development programs.
6. Collaboration and Teamwork
The global HR leader must be a team player, skilled at fostering collaboration and building strong relationships across the organisation.
7. Ethical and Transparent Leadership
The global HR leader should be a role model for ethical behaviour, consistently demonstrating integrity, fairness, and transparency in interactions and decision-making.
8. Put data in place for decision making
Predictive analytics becomes a priority when looking at the future of the most influential HR leaders right now. The best HR leaders in 2023 have acknowledged that data is the most impactful component of their decision-making, giving them the ability to predict trends and upcoming problems and unleash opportunities.
9. Organisational Skills
An Internal HR leader must be able to manage multiple projects, tasks, and deadlines simultaneously while maintaining keen attention to detail.
10. Confidentiality and Discretion
An Internal HR leader must handle sensitive information with care, ensuring that employees’ privacy is protected and confidential matters are managed appropriately.
11. Embrace technology
HRs have always been at the forefront of technology revolutions. While the world is going digital, HRs need to adopt new technologies at the right time to stay ahead of the curve. What makes the best HR Leaders in 2023 is their ability to identify the gap and fill in by implementing the best technologies.
12. Legal and Regulatory Knowledge
A thorough understanding of employment laws, regulations, and best practices is crucial for an Internal HR leader to ensure compliance and minimise potential legal risks.
13. Change Management
They should be skilled at leading and managing change within the organisation, helping employees navigate transitions effectively.
14. Willing to stretch their limits
Leadership is not bound to a circle; it is meant to be free. The Best HR Leaders are those who are not afraid of jumping out of their nest—aspiring to achieve everything on their plate. Instead of being mastered in certain traits of the most influential global HR leaders, they allow themselves to expand and focus on the big-picture.
15. Ethical Leadership
Inspiring Global HR leaders should consistently demonstrate integrity, fairness, and transparency in their decision-making and interactions with others.

Human resource leaders are way beyond just these traits; these characteristics lay a foundation to champion in the sphere of human resources. If you possess or know someone who possesses the traits of the best HR Leaders, nominate now for TradeFlock’s upcoming edition, “Most Influential Global HR Leaders in 2023”.

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