20 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in India 2022

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when discussing the best women leaders 2022? – How did they do it? While interviewing fascinating women leaders in India, we realised that they all have some qualities in common. These traits are the true identity of these women leaders.

Women have defied hardships and surmounted obstacles since the dawn of civilization. While the challenges change over time and the situation, the resilience and perseverance that are inherent to womanhood have stayed constant and have proven to be successful. Women are now leading the way for global development as the world continues to evolve.

In this list, we managed to bring you the top traits, based on which we selected the Best women leaders 2022 for our magazine. 

Best Women Leaders in India 2022 – Ranking Criteria 

Gathering a list of the best women leaders was not easy. Mentioned below is the list of our ranking criteria. 


A quality that all women leaders in India have is leadership. An act of being a leader is not bossing people around. Instead, it’s the art of keeping them together. As claimed by the interviewees, a true woman leader will always keep her team above her. Leading them in the right direction while also giving them the freedom to pitch in their ideas is authentic leadership. 

Always willing to learn and adapt to new changes is the easiest definition of a great woman leader. 


This is a known fact that women leaders often face more challenges due to gender bias, family support and various reasons, and thus perfectionism becomes the key to success. There is an ardent need to achieve perfection at every step to get recognition and credit.

Perfectionism in maintaining your team and your clients are equally important steps of success. Women leaders tend to be more adamant to attain perfection in their tasks and duties, this has been one of the most important aspects of their success.


It’s not a surprise that best women leaders 2022 are resource-driven. Accumulating the right resources with the right set of talent is what defines resource-driven women leaders in India. Being resourceful is not limited to having the correct data, and instead, it is an amalgam of using your resources, your employees, to their strengths. 

Like everyone, they as well have strengths and weaknesses. A woman leader who can encourage the strength of their employees and knows how to use them is resource-driven and successful. 


 Diligence means a constant effort to accomplish a goal. It is a common and essential trait of top women leaders. There is no alternative to hard work and diligence. Diligence sets top women leaders in India apart. 

It is their immense hard work and never giving up attitude that made them who they are today. 

Innovative Approach 

Yet another vital behavioural trait of women leaders in India is the innovative approach. To give any business new heights, the leader should have creative thinking and an innovative approach. Not only will this make the business stand out, but it will also serve as an example and inspiration for many.

With a little over 33 per cent female workforce, best women leaders are continually serving the industry, even this number can be increased jaw-droppingly. 

Open Culture

Women leaders in India 2022 possess another crucial trait – open culture. An open culture gets a closer look at employees, how they work, what hardships they face, where they excel and what are their expectations. 

All these questions can be answered with this simple trait of following open culture. Not to forget, it also boosts employee productivity. 


Leader or not, being a woman, you should be fearless. When discussing the traits of women leaders in India 2022, fearlessness is seen in all. 

Being fearless means willing to take risks but also measuring the consequences. Fearlessness doesn’t mean abruptly investing in all the risks. It simply means doing proper analysis and not being afraid of the challenges. 

Based on the above-mentioned traits, here we are revealing our list of the 20 most inspiring women leaders in India.

Company Name

Person Name


Director Business Solutions



Founder & CEO



Founder and CEO

Founder & CEO


Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer



Founder & CEO

CFO & Head Business Admin

VP Design


Chief Operating Officer

Founder and MD


Archana Mahajan

Director Business Solutions, Savills India

If you hear the name Archana Mahajan, success automatically comes to mind. Inspiration, a role model for all those who strive to make it big in the business world. She showcases a wide range of experience in client relationships and strategic thinking.  

Dr. Garima Sawhney

Co-Founder, Pristyn Care

A successful name in the healthcare industry, Dr. Garima Sawhney is the co-founder of Pristyn Care, a company that simplifies surgery experience. She is determined and passionate about setting the healthcare industry towards innovation. 

Jani Jermans

Founder, SJ Mobilita

From working in the British Deputy High Commission to being the founder of SJ Mobilita, Jani Jermans bags years of experience in immigration. She birthed SJ Mobilita to simplify the corporate immigration experience. 

Jayshree Harak

Founder & CEO, AskLaser

Innovation, nurturing, investment, and ideation are what Jayshree Harak Stands for. She is passionate about meeting new people, learning, and contributing to growth. Jayshree believes in solving the problems at hand instead of shoving them under the rug. 

Loly Vadassery

Chief Human Resources Officer, Datamatics Business Solutions

Strategic and management are two words Loly Vadassery can be best described by. Holding an experience of more than 23 years, she is what a true embodiment of change and management looks like. 

Manisha Shah

Chief Human Resources Officer, Jupiter Hospital

Manisha Shah is everything the business world needs in a CHRO. Driven by empathy and a great sense of accepting depth of understanding people, she is truly an art of work. Throwing just the right questions, Manisha knows how to tackle even the most twisted scenarios!  

Neha Chandra

Founder and CEO, Task Tracker

A strong believer in tech-enabled services, Neha Chandra is the CEO and the founder of Task Tracker, a one-of-a-kind management web and mobile application. Steered by passion she believes in driving toward productivity at all times. 

Dr. Niru Kumar

Founder & CEO, Ask Insights

The Padma Shri awardee, Dr. Niru Kumar is a personification of inclusion and diversity. With an aim to transform organisations and individuals, she brings expertise in the field of D&I. 

Payal Makwana

Founder, 7Nirvana

Filled with a passion for travelling and learning, Payal Makwana is renowned for his ambitious nature and competitive attributes. The founder of 7Nirvana previously worked as a Vice President of Mayash Space and director of SDKP Digital technologies. 

Poornima. B

CEO, InsighTEK Global

With more than 20 years of experience, she is what people term a “legend.” A master of creating profit for her clients, her ethics and leadership qualities have left everyone astounded. 

Priyadharshini R

Chief Executive Officer, Stepping EDGE

Resilience and perfection are the goals that perfectly describe Priyadarshini R. Learning from failures; she believes they are the stepping stone for her success. She never ignored any of her failures and thus stands tall today! 

Rhythm Bhatia

CEO, Cognozire

Where people are still adjusting to Artificial Intelligence, Rhythm Bhatia founded a renowned AI consultancy firm, Cognozire. She is enthusiastic, an avid learner, and a patient coach. She took on a topic that is still perplexing for many and is currently acing like no other!  

Ridhima Arora

Founder, Namhya Foods

A health enthusiast, yoga instructor, and practising nutritionist, Ridhima Arora, recently seen on Shark Tank, turned to a benchmark inspiration. From being a brand manager to the founder of Namhya Food, her story is all the motivation you need. 

Romita Mazumdar

Founder & CEO, Foxtale

From association with UCLA to being the CEO of Foxtale, Romita Mazumdar is a strong-headed and opinionated woman. An inspiration for all, she paved her way to success with willpower and a zeal to bring change in society. 

Sathya VP

Chief Financial Officer & Head Business Administration, Billroth Hospital

Awarded as the CFO of the year, Sathya VP is an embodiment of “success through hard work and passion.” Her zeal to fulfil her dreams and passion for giving new light to healthcare finances is what steered her to shake hands with success. 

Sruthi Sevakumar

VP Design, Meesho

VP Design of Meesho, one of the best eCommerce websites in India, today known for its affordability, Sruthi Sevakumar is a hardworking, ethical, and strategic personality. She learnt from her failures and pulled success at her feet! 

Dr. Sutapa B Neogi

Director, IIHMR

Dr. Sutapa B Neogi, Director of IIHMR, started her career as a professor at Indian Institute of Public. She is driven by empathy, compassion, and determination. Neogi is an inspiration for every woman with dreams.   

Tessy Jose

Chief Operating Officer, Superlative Gaming

From an intern at Encompass Digital Media to being the Co-founder and COO at Superlative Gaming, Tessy Jose rose to be a force to reckon with. Flexibility, knowledge, and experience best define her. 

Vijayashree Venkat

Founder and Managing Director, HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions

A coach, leader, author, strategic advisor, and more, Vijayshree Venkat has touched the lives of many. Filled with empathy and integrity, she is an exemplary woman leader, influencing several with a holistic business advisory. 

Yogita Shah

Founder, Careergraph

Yogita Shah is everything but weak! She is the ideal definition of a strong, inspiring woman with a voice loud enough to bring groundbreaking changes. Driven by confidence and determination, she is the epitome of inspiration. 

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