Mudit Dandwate: An Innovator Revolutionising  Patient Monitoring

The Indian healthcare sector is grappling with the severe challenge of patient monitoring, a critical component in ensuring timely and effective medical care. The country’s vast population and uneven distribution of medical resources have historically impeded the reach of comprehensive patient monitoring. The patient-to-provider ratio is stretched thin, with only one doctor for every 1404 persons and a nurse for every 670 persons. Additionally, infrastructure limitations, such as the scarcity of facilities and equipment, exacerbate the issue, particularly in rural areas where 65% of the population resides but only 33% of Indian hospitals are located. 

However, visionary healthcare leaders are rising to meet these challenges head-on with innovative solutions. The integration of AI  and IoT in patient monitoring systems in revolutionising the landscape. AI-driven predictive analytics are now being employed to anticipate patient needs and intervene proactively, while IoT devices offer real-time data collection, enabling remote monitoring that transcends geographical borders. Dozee, a healthtech startup founded by Mudit Dandwate and Gaurav Parchani, is pioneering contactless monitoring technologies, boasting deployment in over 370 hospitals and reducing critical events by up to 88%. These advancements are transforming patient care and alleviating the workload on healthcare workers, heralding a new era of efficiency and connectivity in India’s healthcare system.

Mudit stands out as a visionary. As the CEO and co-founder of Dozee, he has embarked on a mission to revolutionise patient monitoring in India and beyond. His journey is a tale of technological innovation and exemplifies the power of resilience and out-of-the-box thinking. Mudit’s professional journey began at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, where he honed his skills as a mechanical engineer. His early career at Altair Technologies was marked by remarkable achievements, including designing and constructing India’s first electric race cars. However, his personal experiences and challenges steered him towards the healthcare sector.

In 2015, alongside IIT Indore alumnus Gaurav Parchani, Mudit co-founded Dozee, India’s first contactless remote patient monitoring solution. The inspiration for Dozee was deeply personal; the need to monitor his ageing parents’ health from afar led Mudit to develop a device that could track vital health parameters without direct contact. 

Leaving a promising career to start an entrepreneurial venture is a leap of faith, and for Mudit, it was driven by the desire to create high-impact solutions. He and Gaurav spent years perfecting Dozee, ensuring that it met and exceeded medical standards with its 98.4 percent accuracy in capturing micro-vibrations of the body. The road to success was full of challenges for Mudit as he had to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare regulations, convince stakeholders of the efficacy of a contactless monitoring system, and lead his company through the competitive health-tech industry. Yet, his determination to make healthcare accessible and affordable has seen Dozee triumph against all odds.

Under Mudit’s leadership, Dozee has grown exponentially, now serving over 370 hospitals across 40 districts in India and expanding into Africa. His innovative approach has earned him numerous accolades, including Forbes India 30 Under 30 and the Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award. Today, Dozee is more than a product; it’s a movement towards a technology-driven transformation in healthcare. Mudit’s vision extends beyond patient monitoring; he aims to impact millions of lives globally by continuing to innovate and expand Dozee’s capabilities.

Mudit Dandwate’s journey is a narrative of courage, innovation, and impact. From designing race cars to pioneering healthcare technology, his professional path reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep-rooted commitment to improving lives. As Dozee continues to grow, Mudit’s story will undoubtedly inspire future generations to dream big and drive change in the world of healthcare technology.

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