Musk Brings Back Fired Employees: What Are Coders And Why Are Tech Giants Underestimating Them?

One could call the drama unfolding at Twitter a circus as Elon Musk went into what can only be called a firing purge since he became the company’s CEO. He went on to fire 50% of the workforce (and still counting), including a well-respected senior coder who wrote the code to extend Twitter tweets from 140 to 280 characters.

The reasons for this phenomenon are mind-boggling since coders have been doing so much for these companies and users, yet they remain unappreciated.

In the backlash of all this, many coders ask why tech giants are underestimating them. Coders have ensured that codes get written, making an astounding number of incredible platforms, social media sites, and online casino websites.

Online casinos, in particular, are experiencing many changes due to technological progress, which places strong demand on coders. For instance, while preeminently useful tools like the Free Online Casino Calculator is valued by customers, the developments of live casino and how the services can utilise 5G have great emphasis placed on them.

We did some digging to understand why coders are underestimated and give you some pointers along the way. Let’s begin!

What Is a Coder

To understand why coders are undervalued, we must first understand what coders do. Coders are professionals that write in programming languages (for example, 3 JavaScript, HTML, Structured Query Language, C/C++, 2C/C++, and Python) and perform certain computing tasks. A competent professional coder knows at least two programming languages.

Python is the easiest, according to professional coders, to learn, and all programming codes are used in mobile phones, aeroplanes, modern vehicles, security systems, and many more.

Why Are Coders Underestimated

Coding or software engineering is a broad space containing many disciplines. With so many languages and devices that employ codes, it only makes sense that different skill sets are required to do the job correctly. For example, UIX skills would be a great advantage if you’re working on the front end of web applications.

Many coders tend to focus a lot on their technical skills, which is a good selling point as algorithms, data structures, database management, and design patterns are super important. However, companies today aren’t looking just for someone with technical skills, and if you want to move up the ranks in management, you’ll need people or soft skills, for example.

Ensure You Have These Soft Skills to Get Noticed

So we can conclude that coders without specific soft skills don’t have the ability to become really valued by an employer. Below are the traits that’ll make you stand out from the crowd and perhaps propel you up the ranks.

Learn to Simplify and Communicate Complex Problems

Coders face complex problems every day. However, not every coder can communicate a problem, let’s say to management or project managers who mostly don’t know about programming language. All they know is that there’s a problem, and you need to fix it. Okay, so how do you do that?

Our advice is to take your problem and break it down or diagnose it into more minor problems. The trick here is to start at the elephant’s tail and work your way to the trunk, not eat it all at once.

This way, you can diagram or write a project plan to communicate your foundational knowledge into a complete, easy-to-understand solution. The best software engineers can do this and definitely add more value to any company.

Test and Debug to Optimise

It’s a known fact that a coder despises writing tests for the codes they create. It’s like a sweet little infant that can’t do anything wrong.

However, it’s essential and should never be overlooked. Software testers will find bugs, and you’ll be able to fix them before the problem becomes too big to handle. Optimism that your code is perfect is excellent, but you must be realistic. Don’t become known as the guy that creates unnecessary bottlenecks in the release cycles.

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