7 New Movie Download Platforms That Allow Free Access

Where to download new movies for free? Check here for some new movie download sites to enjoy the newest content!

Digitalisation has changed the entire world; from shopping to entertainment, everything is available online, almost eliminating the need to visit physical stores. So, whether you need to purchase groceries or watch movies, you are just a few clicks away. The internet is filled with an array of websites that offers unlimited entertainment, from old to new ones. 

Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar are some of the best OTT platforms hosting movies, TV shows, originals, web series, documentaries, etc., at the premium video quality. But one downside with these platforms is they all are paid and take a little time to publish the latest content. People wishing to watch the newest content will need help from illegal sites for new movie download. 

Scroll to search for the best websites that provide you access to the newest movies that too for free. 

1. The Pirate Bay 

    One of the popular websites to watch the latest movie is The Pirate Bay. It is the most reliable platform if you are looking for a site for new movie download in HD quality. This platform comes with all-new features that make the user’s experience better. Also, the website has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to access their desired movies. The good part is the owners update the library frequently with the latest content, so movie seekers do not have to wait to watch the newest movies. Apart from this, this website has a huge collection of movies in different genres, from romantic, action, and horror, to sci-fi and others.

    2. 1337X

    Founded almost one decade ago, 1337X is among the best websites for new movie download. With advanced features, 1337X promises to meet the audience’s emerging demand related to entertainment. The website provides movies buff with the latest movie links as soon as it releases so that you can watch them at the earliest. In addition to the latest movies, you can also access anime, music, TV shows, games, and software. Downloading speed of the 1337X is quite fast and smooth, providing users with a great experience. Also, the website has a simple and well-organized layout, making it easy for users to new movie download easily. 

    3. EZTV 

    EZTV entered the torrent industry in 2005 to provide users with the newest movie links. It is one of the oldest torrent websites available today, fully functional. The website is feature-packed, and you can access this website for new movie download. The user interface of the website is quite easy, and finding high-quality content from a huge collection is simply overwhelming. For these features, EZTV has become the best alternative to some other torrent websites. EZTV is blocked in several countries and regions; however, you can access it through VPN. Whether you want to wish to watch and download old movies or new ones, EZTV is the best entertainment source. 

    4. RARBG

    Looking for a new movie download site? RARBG can be your trusted partner. This movie streaming site has a large directory of torrent links that keep movie lovers updated with the latest movies. Talking about usability, the website has the easiest navigation, making it simple for users to preview the links to know what they are downloading. If you have a good internet connection, you can expect a decent downloading speed, improving users’ experience. Without any doubt, RARBG is a good entertainment source providing users earliest access to newly released movies. One feature that makes it the most preferred choice is the HD video quality, which is also free. All these exclusive features put RARBG on the list of websites for new movie download. 

    5. LimeTorrents 

    The next on the list is LimeTorrents, the largest torrent website. The website is popular for its exclusive features, such as high-speed, good video quality, and an extensive collection of movies, from old to the latest. So whether you wish to download an old or a new movie, LimeTorrents has everything to meet their user’s demands. Downloading your favourite movie is easy; all you need to do is to search for your desired content in the search box, and you will get the results within the blink of an eye. Just check the size of the file which is to download. 

    6. Kickass Torrents

    Want a new movie download but do not want to pay a single penny? Kickass Torrents is the solution. Kickass Torrents is the most reliable platform, with millions of users and 60 million torrent links. The website is gaining immense popularity among its customers because of its exceptional services. The downloading speed (1-3 MB/s video quality), best video quality (High-definition), and impressive navigation are a few major features of Kickass Torrents that attract an audience looking for a high-end website for a new movie download. Apart from these, there are several other attributes, such as a range of digital content, including TV series, music, application, games and software. 

    7. GloTorrents

    GloTorrents has been around for almost a decade but is gaining popularity steadily. This platform is referred to as the fastest of all torrent websites in terms of updating the links of new movies; moreover, the downloading speed is also remarkable. With this, New movie download becomes easier with GloTorrents. The search among thousands of torrent links is simple and quick, with an easy-to-navigate interface. The website has a filter to find your movies from 14 languages. One notable feature of GloTorrents is you can request required links and subtitles. 

    So these are the best torrent sites offering a vast collection of movies and other entertainment content. Use any of these websites safely to download high-quality movies. 

    Disclaimer- Team Tradeflock is not responsible for any loss or laws issues caused due to using these torrent websites. Using these platforms is ultimately your responsibility, and we suggest waiting for the latest content to update on the legal websites to watch and download. 

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