Online Scams and How to Avoid Them

At the same time, the online world is a bad and good thing for people worldwide. It depends on the way they use it. However, it doesn’t matter if you use it for education, a job, or just entertainment and fun. Your obligation is to do whatever it takes to ensure your safety!

Online scams have become a normal thing. Some bad people are trying to steal and compromise the users’ data. The consequences of these scams can sometimes be fatal. Because of that, we decided to highlight the most common types of online scams and tell you how to avoid them. Let’s go!

Online Casino Scams

We will primarily focus on people who only want to have fun online. Gambling has become one of the main sources of entertainment in the last couple of years for many people in India. Scammers have realized that which is why the online gambling industry has become one of their main focuses.

So, how do these people usually scam people? They often create phishing online casinos. People that figure out that too late usually lose all the data they left when opening an account or verifying their identity. Apart from that, there are scamming online casinos that never pay out the people’s winnings. The second scenario is rare, but it happens! Which one you may meet depends on the fraud methods scammers are using.

Protecting yourself in these situations isn’t difficult at all. First, you must check whether the casino has a valid license. Doing that is pretty simple. In the website’s footer, you should find the logo of the institution that issued the license to the casino. In other words, there should be a logo of an independent third-party authority that tested all the casino segments and confirmed everything is just fine.

But all the licenses have their deadlines. The companies need to renew them from time to time. Because of that, there are two ways to determine the validity of the license. The first way is to click on the logo you see. If the license is valid, the official website of the regulatory body should open. Another option is to copy the license number, go to the official website, and paste it into the search box. There you can easily see all the details about the license, such as when it was issued, when it has to be renewed, etc.

There are no excuses for this. Gamblers must always go for trusted online casinos in India because that is the only way to enjoy casino games to the fullest. You can check out review pages written by iGaming experts and get valuable information. But even then, go through the process we described here!

Online Dating Scams

Believe it or not, nearly 70 thousand people reported romance scams only last year. The way these scams are done is almost identical. Scammers often tend to ensure a strong bond with the victim. They really start with romantic messages, talk about “serious” topics, etc. Before that, they ensure high-quality images for their profiles on dating sites and think of realistic data. Scammers will even accept to use audio calls to get in touch with the victim, but they will never accept the video call (you understand why).

So, how to stay safe in these situations? First, do not allow to make a strong emotional bond in a short period. Scammers know very well how to manipulate the victim’s emotions. Also, do not ever send money to people you haven’t seen in private. Instead of chatting only via dating sites, you should ask for a phone number or suggest other private channels.

If you agree to a meeting, always pick public places for such a thing and never go alone! Some people may say we are paranoid, but it is always good to be careful.

Online Charity Frauds

Unfortunately, scammers do not have emotions but will use people’s desire to help to profit. One of the most common online scams is connected with charity fraud. There are two options here. One option is to choose the real cases and publish them on their website. After that, they will allow people to donate money to families that need help through their website. As you can guess, all the money will go into their pockets. On the other hand, scammers sometimes think of the story completely. Unfortunately, with their good marketing skills, they manage to trick people and convince them to donate money.

So, how to be sure you are donating on a legit website? First, the documentation issued by the government needs to be stated on the website. For instance, you need to see tax-exempt documentation, any sort of license, a mission statement, etc. Also, check out more details about particular charity organizations in mainstream media. If they are legit, be sure news portals will write about them. In the end, analyze the individuals that stand behind the organization. In most cases, they are transparent and always show who organizes all the charities and donations.

Job Offer Scams

These scams are present literally everywhere! You can find them on social media networks, freelance platforms, etc. Also, scammers do not hesitate to send emails with fake job offers. There are multiple ways these scams work. Most commonly, the clients will ask you to send some money in advance for some reason. After that, they will give you back the money together with your salary (that’s usually what they say).

Avoiding fake job offers isn’t as difficult as you think. But it does require action and research. You primarily need to check out the background of the company. Despite checking their website, you should also use Google to find more details about them. Apart from that, never send money to the client. Why would you do that? He is paying you, no other way around.


As you see, many ways exist to improve your online safety and avoid the most common online scams. You can really find the love of your life, an amazing job, or get lucky in online casinos.

However, you must open your eyes and mind to recognize them. Apply the tips shared on this page and enjoy the main benefits of the internet world. 

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