Top 5 Technologies That Can Change The Future Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing, commonly known as a third-party provider, is a way of running a business smoothly with the help of other outsourcing companies. 

Outsourcing technologies have proved to be a more sophisticated way of running a company. Who doesn’t want a successful business? And what’s better than hiring a bunch of experienced individuals who have detailed knowledge about all the aspects of the market and industry? This is the part, outsourcing technologies play for you. 

Outsourcing is a simple business practice in which an outer source provides services and arranges all the facilities and tasks of the company. There is no need for you to worry about the work anymore if you have hired one of the best outsourcing technologies.  

Renowned companies like Computer Solutions East, XenonStack, ImpactQA are some of the top IT outsourcing technologies that provide third-party services to many start-ups and big industries all over the world. Let me tell you a fact that India is the top outsourcing services provider in Asia, controlling around 44 percent of global outsourcing. 

Outsourcing Technologies – How do they work? 

In the increasing competition of the market, everyone is running to earn their set of profit. And to achieve the estimated goals you need to jump out of that safety zone and step into the market with new and innovative ideas. Outsourcing meaning can be easily explained as a cost-efficient and experienced way to run your company. 

Many new startups, who are waiting to play their cards, need to understand the market first. In such a case, to give your company a good leap, you can hire outsourcing technologies. The advantages of outsourcing are not limited and it is important to know all the aspects of Outsourcing before hiring. 

The main focus of outsourcing technologies is to help their clients achieve their goals in a minimum span of time. These third parties do not interfere in the decision-making of the company or regulate their direct purchase of the projects. 

The outsource focuses on the project handled by them, which could be anything between BPO (business process outsourcing), human resource management, customer care support and services, account management, content writing, software development, legal service provider, research analysts, and marketing. You know, Outsourcing Technologies are the future of the Indian market

In this way, you do not have to worry about the services and work given to the third party. But make sure to do the right paperwork and abide by the contract while taking any services.  

Top 5 Outsourcing Technologies in India 

1- Nabler 

It is one of the top outsourcing technologies in India. This company works as a data analytics consultancy, known best for increasing website traffic and providing a better understanding to the agencies about customer behaviour. 

Nabler had worked hard for some years to gain a place in a top outsourcing company, they have a number of employees working for them. 

2- Locuz

A company located in Hyderabad, India; works on building personal cloud space for companies. The company was formed in 2000 and has gained enough name and fame in the past 20 years. 

Locuz focuses on raising the performance of the computer storage and work on data of business teams. They remove the complexity of the technology and help the clients to easily understand the complex schedules and services. Increasing the performance of the company will boost the profit. 

3- delaPlex 

The main motive of delaPlex is to help its clients to manage revenue, value the technology, develop software, increase supply chains and provide cloud services. 

The services by delaPlex make it one of the leading outsourcing technologies. 

By looking at every step of the company, delaPlex can save you from falling. By managing all the technical aspects of the company they easily manage the profits and losses of the company. 

4- XenonStack 

XenonStack is a data intelligence company known for its fruitful services. They use AI to deliver data-centric information and work as a cloud-native for their clients. 

A Chandigarh-based industry, XenonStack provides IT services and consultation to the client. 

The employees working with this outsourcing technologies industry have reviewed the company as a friendly environment workplace where creativity is always praised. Overall the company is working to build a better world for new IT field startups. 

5- Ziffity Solutions LLC 

Tiffany is known for its digital commerce and cloud services. They work as a collective place for any company looking for digital growth. 

The company came out in 2014 and has experienced massive growth in such a small period of time. It is one of the top leading outsourcing technologies known for working on many different aspects like maintaining the budget, looking after the cloud services, time to time updates on the digital market, providing all necessary information about changing technology, and working to build a perfect IT infrastructure as well. 


Over the last years, outsourcing has come to the surface as a new trend to boost your company in the market. And it is mostly treated as a low cost and great profitable way to run any company. But the cost of outsourcing depends on the services they provide. You can easily see outsourcing technologies as a work efficiency and cost-saving hiring that easily decreases your company’s workload. 

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