Strategies to Win Battle for Frontline Talent

Since India is the fifth-largest economy in the world, it is witnessing rapid growth in the demand for frontline talent. 8 million frontline jobs were created in India, as per BetterPlace’s Frontline Index Report 2022, a tech platform for frontline workers management in the country. The data witnessed a massive rise in demand for frontline workers due to the rapid increase in jobs in the delivery and retail segments. Industries that contributed the most in creating the demand for frontline workers, are e-commerce, logistics and mobility. After the global pandemic, it was estimated that 40 percent of employees would leave their existing job to get flexibility in where and when they work. 

The unprecedented movement in talent created a unique opportunity for companies to get surplus quality candidates from a larger talent pool than ever before. While workers’ options might be diminishing with the effects of economic uncertainties, workers still have higher expectations than ever before. They prioritise flexibility, freedom, and security in their work and work environment. Companies that fail to appeal to frontline talents will find themselves with a large deficit. To excel in their business, companies need to attract the right frontline talent and create strategies to retain them. The strategies companies can integrate to win beetle for frontline talent include: 

Do Not Reduce Quality Bar 

Companies should not compromise quality with quantity while recruiting employees. It might be easy to broaden the net by considering people who do not have all the skills and abilities your business needs. While the company requires a mix of seniors and juniors in the team, training will be required. Hiring people in an unconsidered way will also create trouble in the future. In the boom times, companies also employ a scattergun approach to recruit employees who struggle to deliver top-quality performance over time. Proper research while recruiting helps companies hire the right frontline talent. 

Expand Diversity and Inclusion

Companies should look for diversified ways to attract a pool of candidates to hire in the team. Candidates with caring responsibilities can be able to take on more challenging positions if they are offered flexible working or other modifications. Companies should also be aware that people working within the organisation can be encouraged to step up to a bigger role. Diverse candidates may not find it simple to see themselves in a more senior position, but if encouraged, they can bring a fresh and unique perspective to the role.

Encourage Candidates to Conduct Due Diligence 

The famous adage, you don’t need to look a gift horse in the mouth. However, the new job is not a gift horse. Candidates, before coming for the interview, must do due diligence. Recruiters must ask candidates whether they can develop skills that will work for the direction of the company’s growth. Organisations shouldn’t take everything at face value; they need to check out employees’ experience before making them part of their company. They can also directly connect with them via LinkedIn to get a fuller picture. 

Be an Excellent Place to Work 

According to Economic Times, more than 1000 professionals across different sectors, about 50% of whom cited bad work culture as the most worrisome element of their workplace. It was also found that 90% of employees who rate their organisation’s culture as poor consider quitting. Companies need to create a friendly culture environment where employees feel happy by making everything transparent in the workplace. Companies need to resolve these bread-and-butter issues to retain existing employees and attract new talent. 

Offering Competitive Salary & Benefit Packages 

Attracting new talent demands two things a good working culture and a competitive salary with additional perks. In today’s tight talent market, companies must provide comprehensive benefits packages such as non-financial rewards, support for employees, educational courses, etc. A competitive salary package can help companies attract talent, which helps ensure employees’ overall job satisfaction. 

Since Great Attrition is happening worldwide, recruiters must seize the moment as a golden opportunity to reflect and improve upon talent acquisition. It is essential for companies to know that getting talent in the door is just the initial step – the next step is to ensure that the same talent chooses to stay. 

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