Rage Applying: Unveiling a New Trend in Emotional Expression

Abhishek Chatterjee  
Director Human Resources , ITI Data

Abhishek Chatterjee is the Director of Human Resources at ITI Data, where he plays a key role in shaping the HR policies and workforce strategies that support the company's goals in data analytics and technology services, fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity.

Over the past many years, many terms have emerged to describe our difficulties in grasping and controlling the world around us. They are dynamic, high-velocity, disruptive, turbulent, and so on. Until recently, this has culminated in the notion of VUCA—volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. This was more of an effect of recession, employment loss, business uncertainty, etc.


But, since the past 2 years, which we now fondly call the post Covid era, there’s a new word on the block: BANI- which means that the world around us today is Brittle, Anxious, Non-Linear and Incomprehensible. Jamais Cascio, an American anthropologist, created this word, which was triggered by the various crises our world has been facing, such as climate, pandemics, inequality and global instability.


These above concepts or notions, as we may call them, brought about uncertainty amongst the talent pool, mostly the younger generations who thrive in a fast-paced, challenging work environment with a need for uber flexibility and a lack of “old world” loyalty. This may be one of the key reasons for Rage Applications by the talent pool. This is predominant in the Technology and Consulting space.


“Rage applying” refers to the phenomenon where talent applies to numerous positions in a short period of time, often without much consideration for the specific requirements or fit for the role. 


This trend typically arises from frustration and mis-trust in the Organization and  with the job search process, feeling pressured to find employment quickly with fancy titles and Nx compensation packages or a sense of hopelessness due to a competitive job market.


While “rage applying” may appear to be a logical response to job search stress, it’s not necessarily an effective strategy.


Applying to numerous jobs and Organizations without considering if the individual is genuinely qualified or interested in/on the role in discussion can waste time on either side. The talent also risks being blocked from certain established Organisations arising out of an offer decline. Hence, I perceive that it may be better to focus on roles that align with one’s skills, experience, and career aspirations. It may be worth waiting for the right opportunity rather than just jumping into a situation and only repenting later on. One needs to focus on Quality rather than Quantity in this regard.


I have observed over the years that most employers appreciate talent who take the time to customise their applications for each position rather than pushing through the same generic one to multiple openings. Generic applications are less likely to stand out in a competitive applicant pool, more so because each organisation’s requirements differ from those of the others, even though the job description may sound similar. Over the years, human resource teams have acquired the talent to sniff out certain underlying behavioural traits by scanning their profiles carefully. Now, it has become a little easier with the help of various tools and technological disruptions. Therefore, tailoring one’s job application may yield better outcomes. Rushing through with an application may lead to some oversight and errors. Hence, it may also be beneficial to do thorough research and prepare ahead of time before applying it to enhance the success ratio. Building mutual connections and seeking referrals can also be a very effective medium of hitting the target rather than blindly applying. Many job opportunities are never advertised publicly so networking can uncover hidden opportunities.


It has also been observed lately that many young aspirants send out mass applications with blind carbon copies. Sending out mass applications can harm one’s professional reputation if employers notice a lack of effort or sincerity in the application approach. One must understand that everyone wants to be respected, and Organizations are no different.


Job searching can be stressful, but taking care of one’s physical and mental well-being is essential for maintaining resilience and motivation. Remember – it is not over till it is over. Finding the right job often takes time and patience. By approaching the job search process strategically and thoughtfully, one can increase their chance of success and find a truly fulfilling role that will earn dividends in the long run. It is also crucial for every talent to appreciate that one should look at the bigger picture in the long run and not jump into a short-term gain approach as they are more likely to haunt them back.