Reliance Partners With UK Chain To Launch Sandwich And Coffee Chain India

After the fashion world, Reliance Brands Limited entered the Food & Beverages Space. On Thursday, the company announced a franchise partnership with ‘Pret A Manger’, a UK-based food and organic coffee chain, to launch and build British Sandwich and Coffee chain in India.

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Launched in London in 1986, Pret A Manger has 550 stores across the world. It is a ready-to-eat store known for serving sandwiches, salads, and wraps, along with coffee. In the partnership with Pret A Manger, Reliance Brands Ltd (RBL) will open the food chain across India, starting with major cities. 

The chief executive officer of Pret A Manger, Pano Christou, said in a statement, “I think there is a strong connection between the UK and India for pleasure ━ the number of students that come to the UK, people travelling to the UK for pleasure. And I think that when you look at the younger population in India, they are going out more, eating out more, experimenting more. I think India is a very exciting market“.

Reliance will open the first Pret Store in India in Mumbai, India’s Financial Capital, by 2023, according to the sources. 

In the market of crowded coffee stores such as Starbucks, and Cafe Coffee Day, which also offer food items, it would be interesting to see how Pret A Manger will go far. 

We have a good brand and a proven track record, so I think we do not have to worry about growth. The idea right now is to connect with the consumer and take it forward from there,” says Christou.

We would like to open our first store within this fiscal year. And after that, we will evolve based on the response we get from the consumer“, he added. 

The chain will make some changes to its global menu, and details are still in progress regarding the specific number of stores, location, and others. 

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