Sahibjeet Singh Sawhney: Fueling Zomato’s Marketing

Today, Zomato needs no introduction. Apart from delivering food to your doorstep, this company is known for marketing campaigns full of humour and connecting with real life. Whether utilising meme marketing or capture-of-the-moment marketing, Zomato’s marketing campaign attracts everyone’s attention. Sahibjeet Singh Sawhney, the Marketing Head of Zomato, is the backbone of delivering a brand’s unique voice across millions of Indians.

Last year, Zomato ran various successful campaigns in which Sahibjeet and his team played a vital role. From writing humour-based scripts to stellar creative, Zomato’s campaigns, like ZoMaato vs ZoMaito, became hot topics on social media, television, and billboards. From the beginning, Zomato’s Marketing head, Sahibjeet, focused on building in-house teams to write scripts and prepare creatives for the brand.

Zomato’s Recent Successful Campaigns

Few brands in India use moment marketing, and Zomato is one of them. Last year, Zomato launched various marketing campaigns under the leadership of Sahibjeet.

Featured In SRK’s Jawan Movie

The brand’s integration into movies has become the new vogue in the last few years. In October 2023, Sahibjeet decided to integrate actively with SRK’s blockbuster movie ‘Jawan.’ It turned Zomato into Filmy Zomato. The brand was featured in four film scenes, which sparked viewers’ excitement. 

Signed Ranveer Singh As Brand Ambassador

Zomato leveraged the cricket season in India and launched its “ZoMaito vs ZoMaato” campaign, for which Sahibjeet decided to sign Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. It launched during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, was organised in India, and captured millions of cricket fans’ attention. An ad said, “It’s time for India-India over Zomato-Zomato.”

Joined Hands With Sony Pictures

One of the biggest integrations of Zomato last year with Sony Pictures, when the brand was featured in Sony Pictures’ franchise – Spiderman: Across The Spider-Verse. Sahibjeet utilised the fanbase of the Spiderman franchise and planned a brand placement, which was the master strategy. 

He said, “At Zomato, we believe in moving onwards and upwards. Today, we are excited to tell you about our next stop, i.e. Hollywood! You will see Zomato in the movie Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse, releasing on 1st June. It’s a one-of-its-kind integration – for the first time, an Indian company will be showcased in a Hollywood film globally.”

Sahibjeet Singh Sawhney- A Genius Behind Zomato’s Marketing

As per Exchange4Media, Zomato spends around 26% of its overall revenue on advertising. Sahibjeet Singh Sawhney, who joined Zomato in 2017 as a product manager, has evolved and helped the company grow online. Today, he serves the role of Marketing Head and is responsible for the brand’s online and marketing campaigns. 

Sahibjeet started his career as a Software Trainee at CDAC, Noida, which is 3 months of training. After that, he joined Oracle India as a Software developer and gained an experience of 7 months. In 2015, Sahibjeet joined Yumist as a Backend developer and gained experience working with a Food-tech company for the first time. After working 10 months as a backend developer, he was promoted to Product Manager, during which he designed various products for the company, including apps.

Sahibjeet joined Zomato in 2017 as a product manager, during which time he helped his team develop new products and services, including Zomato Gold, Table Reservation, etc. He served in this role for over two years and was promoted to Product and Marketing.

He oversees brand marketing and communication, gamified products, and social media handles during this time. Sahibjeet served this role for over 3 years and elevated Zomato’s online presence, significantly benefiting the company.

In November 2022, Sahibjeet assumed the role of Marketing Head at Zomato, taking charge of the company’s marketing activities. Serving this role for over a year, he strategically connects Zomato with millions of online users via humorous and funny posts, banners, and outdoor advertisements.

Education of Sahibjeet

Having originated from a technical background, Sahibjeet made a seamless transition into the marketing domain, adeptly assuming the demanding position of Marketing Head at one of India’s leading food delivery companies He completed a Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech) in Computer Science from Thapar University. In addition, he completed his schooling at Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi.

Loved by millions of foody Indians, Zomato always remains in trend due to unique marketing campaigns in which Sahibjeet played a crucial role. His role in the recent Zomato’s marketing success can’t be ignored. Sahibjeet’s journey from product manager to marketing head showed his qualities to evolve with the company’s requirements.

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