Shatrughan Singh: Turning Dream into Realty 

Commercial leaders in India have played a crucial role in shaping the Indian business landscape, particularly in the real estate and construction sector. Their strategic insight and effective leadership have driven innovation, stimulated growth, and helped navigate the industry’s complex regulatory environment. By introducing modern technologies, sustainable practices, and efficient methodologies, these leaders have revolutionised project conceptualisation, planning, and execution. Their knack for forming strategic partnerships, tackling regulatory hurdles, and improving operational efficiency hastened development and contributed to sustainable urban environments. 

Indian business landscape has witnessed the excellence of many commercial leaders who have championed transparency, accountability, and ethical business practices, strengthening investor confidence and attracting foreign investments. Their vision, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence have been pivotal in shaping the Indian real estate and construction industry into a dynamic and prosperous ecosystem poised for continuous growth and innovation.

Shatrughan Singh’s professional journey in procurement, contracts, and project management within the real estate and construction sector showcases his unwavering dedication and skilled leadership. Starting his career in 1992 after earning a B. Tech. degree in Civil Engineering from the prestigious National Institute of Technology Warangal, Shatrughan began a trajectory defined by excellence and innovation.

His time spent at esteemed organisations like Aditya Birla Group, Tata Realty And Infrastructure Ltd, Lodha Group, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell, Intel Corporation, Skanska, Continental Construction Limited, EMA Unihorn, and RDS Project Ltd showcases a narrative of development, evolution, and notable achievements.

In his role as Chief Commercial Officer for B2B eCommerce at Aditya Birla Group, Shatrughan assumes the responsibility of leading the development of the Birla Pivot eCommerce platform. His visionary leadership and strategic expertise play a crucial role in designing high-quality products that enhance user experience to new levels.

Before his current position, Shatrughan refined his skills at Tata Realty And Infrastructure Ltd, where he held the position of Vice President and Head of Contracts. Throughout his time there, he transformed the department through digitisation efforts, introduced system-based controls, and established documented policies. His skilled leadership ensured the smooth execution of major residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

While at Lodha Group, serving as Senior Vice President in charge of Procurement and Contracts, Shatrughan led efforts in contracts, procurement, and vendor management. His sharp decision-making skills were crucial in handling construction contracts and procuring materials amounting to over $300 million annually, highlighting his ability to coordinate complex operations adeptly.

During his time at Goldman Sachs as Vice President and India Head of Procurement & Commercial Management, Shatrughan played a crucial role in developing vendor networks and crafting sourcing strategies. His careful handling of tendering, negotiation, contracting, and risk management across various sectors significantly strengthened the organisation’s procurement structure

At Honeywell, Shatrughan left an enduring impact as the Real Estate and Construction Procurement Manager for India & Middle East. During his tenure, he meticulously orchestrated the consolidation of the real estate and construction category. Additionally, he led the charge in implementing eSourcing processes, showcasing his relentless drive for efficiency and innovation, which significantly enhanced operational effectiveness within the organisation.

His tenure at Intel Corporation further solidified his standing as a seasoned professional with a knack for navigating intricate sourcing landscapes. Serving as the Asia Regional Supplier Manager and Construction Contracts Manager, Shatrughan managed sourcing efforts for Intel’s extensive campuses, data centres, and expansion projects across the Asian region. His unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to fostering collaborative partnerships were evident throughout his tenure, contributing to the company’s continued success.

Shatrughan’s professional journey serves as a testament to his steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation, and transformative leadership. With a wealth of diverse experiences under his belt, he continues to push boundaries in the realms of procurement, contracts, and project management, leaving an indelible mark wherever he ventures.

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