8 Best Google Snake Game Mods You Should Try In 2023

Google’s hidden games are a delightful diversion from the usual search routine. Beyond its search feature, Google hides gems like the Snake Game, reminiscent of the classic Nokia version. But if you’re tired of the same old Snake game, don’t worry. There’s a solution – Snake game mods. These mods, readily available online, can inject fresh excitement into your gaming experience. They’re like a breath of fresh air, transforming the familiar Snake game into something new and thrilling. In this list, we’ve rounded up the eight best Google Snake Game mods to keep your gaming sessions entertaining and engaging. Let’s dive in and discover how you can elevate your Snake game experience!

List Of 8 Best Snake Game Mods

Many snake game mods are available online, but we present the most liked and best snake game mods below. Check it out!

Dark Mod 

Looking for a change while playing the Google Snake Game? Give the Dark Mode a shot! Dark Mode is a must-have feature, whether on your mobile or PC. It’s easy on the eyes and looks great. By default, the Google Snake Game is all about the light mode. But the Dark Mode is here to help if you want a fancy darker touch. With this mod, you can dive into the game with a stylish dark interface. Plus, you can tweak the game’s colours to suit your preferences. Snake game mods like this offer a whole new level of customization. Give it a try!

Mouse Mod

Say farewell to the keyboard and say hello to the Mouse Mod! This cool addition lets you enjoy the Google Snake game with your mouse. No need to fuss about grids; you can move freely. Try it out and experience some wacky shapes. It’s more fun than your typical snake game. Remember to consider other snake game mods download, too!

Change Board Size

If you want more flexibility while playing the Snake game with mods, consider utilising a unique feature to alter the board size. This mod allows you to expand the board, making it as large as you wish. Using this mod, you can effectively remove walls as obstacles, granting you complete freedom of movement within the game.

Animated Colours 

You can discover animated colours in the Snake Game mods apk! With this mod, you can transform the still backdrop into a lively pattern and adjust the frame rate to suit your gaming preferences. This modification enhances the game’s visual appeal, but be cautious if you have photosensitive epilepsy, as it introduces a vibrant rainbow background. Get ready for an engaging gaming experience that will entertain you for hours.

Menu Mod 

Elevate your Google Snake Game experience with the Google Snake Menu Mod. Designed by DarkSnakeGang, this mod allows you to customise the game’s map, speed, and obstacles, giving you the power to tailor the game to your preferences. Discover the world of snake game mods and enhance your gaming adventure today!

Timekeeper Mod

Are you searching for a mod to track and save your high scores and level completion times? The TimeKeeper Mod is the perfect choice. The Google Snake game doesn’t naturally record high scores, but you can easily add that feature with this mod. It’s one of the top snake game mods, elevating your Google Snake Game experience. With the TimeKeeper Mod, you can monitor your game achievements and progress effortlessly.

DVD Screensaver Mod

The DVD Screensaver Mod turns your snake into a bouncing DVD logo, giving it a playful twist. You can change the logo’s colour to suit your taste, whether it’s a dark mode or any other hue you prefer. This mod adds fun and customization to the game, making it more visually appealing. Snake game mods like this bring extra excitement to your gaming experience.

Snake Skull Poison Mod

The Snake Skulls Poison mod is a quirky twist for snake game enthusiasts. It cleverly replaces the ordinary grey apples with eerie skulls. When your snake devours these skulls, it changes its colour to grey and starts to wriggle oddly. Furthermore, this mod transforms all the fruits in the game into a similar grey hue. You’ll need to feed your snake the colourful fruits scattered across the game to bring it back to its original colours. This unique and intriguing modification adds a fascinating dimension to the Google Snake Game, setting it apart from other snake game mods.


1. How do you play Infinite Snake?

Utilise the arrow keys for navigation. Picking up each fruit will increase the snake’s length by one square. The game concludes when the snake collides with a wall or encounters a rock. An extra stone is randomly positioned on the map for every multiple of 5 points scored.

2. How do you turn on bots in the snake game?

The Snake Game AI Bot takes charge of keyboard inputs and autonomously resets the Snake Game. Begin the bot by pressing ‘q’ and halt its operation by holding ‘e’.

3. What is the Snake mod?

Snake mods are software designed to alter the visual aesthetics or mechanics of Google Snake, essentially enhancing the game with additional choices and functionalities that are not inherent to the original Snake experience. 

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