Social Media App Banality: All You Need To Know

Social media is a big place, where thousands of pages and channels create content to entertain their audience. Facebook alone has more than 60 million pages that deliver content to entertain their audience every day. But have you ever felt like you are seeing a similar post on more than one forum? Well, this is what people call social media app banality. Banality means the lack of originality. But what does it mean in terms of social media? Why does it even matter? In this blog, we will share all the information you need. 

What Is Social Media App Banality?

In general, the word Banality means the lack of originality and being mundane. However, in terms of social media, this term refers to the unoriginal and repetitive content that you see on platforms. Social Media App banality of life also refers to the staged and fake updates people post on social media like Facebook and Instagram, which can have negative effects on an individual and society as a whole. 

Types Of Banal Content On Social Media Today

There are a plethora of ways and forms through which banal content spreads on social media. Some of the major ones are:

Cliche Quotes And Memes

Cliche quotes and memes are some of the most prominent forms of social media app banality. This form of social media app banality includes long-running posts on a trending topic which have no originality whatsoever. For instance, at the time when Ukraine VS Russia conflict started, all the meme pages were posting the same things. We are not talking about news, but memes and quotes that were being shared. You could see a similar post on a number of platforms. Sometimes the same post with just a changed picture. 

Excessive Use Of Filter

Almost all social media apps provide filters to put over your images. This form of social media app banality is especially dangerous because when people use filters, they are basically modifying the way they wanna look, but unfortunately, that is not reality but just a hoax. This form of social media app banality is equally bad for both, the person who is seeing the post and the one who is posting it. The person looking at the photo gets the feeling of inadequacy while the one posting it knows the reality, which can severely affect their sense of reality. 

Staged Photos

Millions of people share their images on social media to get comments from friends and sometimes strangers. However, the thing that makes this a form of social media app banality is that people share photos that are staged or taken at a very suitable time. Elon Musk has the best explanation for this, he says, that social media now has given people a chance to become their own PR(public relations) agents and people choose the best images from the best times of their lives to post on social media. This way they seem happy and successful on social media but in reality, that is not the case. This fiddles with people’s sense of reality and makes them more likely to suffer from social anxiety and lack of confidence. 

The Copy-Paste Content

Another form of social media app banality is the sheer amount of copy-paste content we see on social media and media portals in general. The best example of this is news portals and social media handles. Whenever any news breaks, every news firm posts it on their social media handles and more often than not, the copy text and captions are the same. This is the height of copy-paste content. Even meme pages do this when they have a lack of content. Moreover, if you want to do marketing using social media, you might not want to do copy-paste. One of the best social media marketing strategies is to tailor your content according to your audience but that is not possible with copy-paste content. 

Impact Of Social Media App Banality

Social media app banality can have some severe effects on an individual and society as a whole. Let’s discuss some of them here. 

Psychological Effects

As mentioned above, social media app banality can have severe effects on a person’s mental health. But why do you ask? The constant exposure to social media app banality may lead to feelings of inadequacy, a distorted sense of reality, lack of self-confidence and can also induce FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). All of these problems are a series issue in today’s society. When people watch such posts, they feel like their life is not good as compared to the other person. This can also make you feel insecure and depressed at times. 

Societal Effects of Social Media App Banality

The most significant effect of social media banality on society is that people are so comfortable in copying things from others, that the society is losing its creative mindset and the will to do something new. When you copy something from a page and post it on your social media handle and get likes, they stop making new and original content and start copying it from others.

Our Take

For the advancement of society, it’s absolutely vital to have creativity and the will to do something new. This is why social media app banality is one of the most disturbing phenomena on social media. We urge people to be creative and come up with new and unique content. 

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