Sourcing Tech Manpower, Effectively and Quickly

A Bangalore-based start-up named Supersourcing Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is easing the recruitment process for engineers through its remote hiring, which can not only be very much helpful for the engineers but also for many companies struggling to find the right engineering expertise to execute their time-bound projects. Since its launch in 2020, Supersourcing has emerged as an important market in virtual space in India for engineers working remotely.

Supersourcing has come up with an effective solution to a nagging tech hiring problem, which is often taxing for CTOs, CEOs and HR Heads and which if not resolved quickly, can lead to the delay in execution of many ambitious projects. Till today the tech enabled HR start-up has come up with hiring solutions for 24 Unicorns, 132 YC-funded companies & 17 Fortune 500 companies.

Supersourcing has an AI-enabled platform that facilitates early-stage start-ups and other enterprises to hire top quality engineering expertise, remotely and on a contract basis. The platform also has an array of SaaS tools for hiring, managing productivity, vetting, and billing. The company operates through B2B channel. 

In July 2022, the start-up founded by Mayank Pratap and Aditi Chaurasia, had garnered 500,000 USD in its latest round of funding to help it accelerate growth even more rapidly. Supersourcing not only helps hire the right person for the right job but quickens the recruitment process, thereby saving valuable time, which is probably the most costly resource in today’s business environment. Till now, according to the website of Supersourcing, the start-up has come up with 25,000 matches.

The company, which claims to help hiring fully-vetted engineering consultants in less than 10 days also claims to use AI to scrutinise each profile to ensure only quality candidates are selected. Their AI-driven approach ensures near-perfect alignment with the right tech talent for the company’s needs. Moreover, the company’s AI-enhanced methods of ascertaining the right candidate claims to offer deeper insights and assessments than traditional verbal interviews.

The hiring process at Supersourcing covers a three-way approach. On the initial day, they conduct an exploratory call to gain a thorough understanding of their client’s needs, such as project specifications, complexity level, cultural fitment, and role specifics which help them quickly match the client’s requirement with their pool of pre-vetted developers.

Within the subsequent two days, Supersourcing claims to present five handpicked profiles tailored to their client’s prerequisites, allowing the client to assess the said profiles’ cultural, technical, and team compatibility through interviews. “Once you made the hiring decision, you can start working with the developer directly, with all contractual and payment procedures managed by a dedicated Account Manager for a hassle-free experience,” notes the website of Supersourcing. Quick onboarding of talent is also one of the strengths of Supersourcing.

Moreover, Supersourcing takes care to provide only those engineers and developers who are available to work in the client’s time zone.  Besides that Suoersourcing ensures smooth cooperation between professionals and clients by assigning a dedicated Account Manager to each client. Their role involves ensuring seamless interaction between the above-mentioned parties and providing weekly performance assessments and timesheet tracking of the personnel hired.

No wonder, armed with such AI power coupled with human vision, this HR tech startup is trusted by over 1000 funded companies, VCs, MIT DeltaV, Harvard Innovation Labs, and YCombinator-funded start-ups.

With the demand for remote working showing no signs of abating despite the end of Covid, we can expect Supersourcing to grow further by capitalising on the concept of remote working.

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