SpaceX Likely To Join Indian Telecom Industry 

Reports indicate that SpaceX, Elon Musk-owned satellite communications corporation, will likely apply for a permit to introduce internet services in India within its Starlink brand. Thus, SpaceX will become the third company to apply for such a license after the two giant Indian telecoms, Reliance Jio and Bharti Group.

Moreover, the company is also likely to request the Indian government to allow market access and provide landing rights. If SpaceX gets the license along with Reliance Jio and Bharti Group, there will be a surge in skilled workforce demand in the Indian telecom sector. 

According to the staffing firm NBL Services estimation, telecom companies’ implementation of 5G services in India will create approx. 45 000 jobs in the next six months (two quarters). The announcement of rolling out 5G services has already resulted in around 80 000 hirings this year. The entry of a global satellite communications corporation like SpaceX is going to accelerate the talent demand in the upcoming time. The demand for 5G-related skilled professionals is not only limited to the telecom sector but is also expected in other industries. 

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The increase in demand for 5G-related tech talent is also coming from industries like healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and auto,” said Sachin Alug, chief executive at NLB Services. “There has been a 15-20% quarter-on-quarter rise in overall hiring focused on 5G”, he added. 

As per Sachin, there is a 20% surge in demand for profiles, including AI and ML experts, network engineers, user experience designers, and experts in cloud computing, data analytics, data science and cyber security.

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