Bhuvan Bam | Success Story Of BB KI VINES

“Success comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” 

Bhuvan Bam is a perfect example of this Henry David Thoreau’s quote.

Bam is a jack of all trades. From singing to acting to comedy, he’s known to be a versatile person. His success story is so inspiring that it will compel you to achieve your goals. So, today we’re going to shed light upon the success story of Bhuvan Bam, and we believe that it will motivate you and inspire you to succeed in your life. 

There are two types of people – those who are born with a silver spoon and others who do a lot of hard work and create a history. Bhuvan Bam is one such person who literally rose from ashes and founded one of INDIA’s giant YouTube channels named “BB KI VINES.” 

Let’s dig into the history of his personal life. 

Tracing Back The History Of Bhuvan Bam – Early Life And Education

Born in Vadodara, Gujarat on 22 January 1994 and brought up in Delhi, Bam is a 21st century YouTube sensation. His schooling was done from Green Fields School, New Delhi, and graduated from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University, with a bachelor’s degree in History. 

Since childhood, he was passionate about music and loved making people laugh. He could also play the guitar (yes, he’s a guitarist too). His passion for music and singing landed him in restaurants in Delhi as a musician. 

In fact, during his college days, he was quite prominent as a singer and would sing at various events. 

Struggle Faced By Bhuvan Bam 

Like every person struggling to enjoy success in their life, Bhuvan Bam is no exception. After being so passionate about music and singing, he also tried his luck to get into the music industry. He gave numerous auditions for various reality shows but couldn’t make it to the list. Almost 4 times this incident happened to him, and he was sent back home after standing in queues for hours. No wonder, it might have been very disheartening for him. 

After facing rejection and failure, he started singing in restaurants in Delhi to earn his living. He would sing six days a week from eight in the evening till midnight. All he would get from this – only Rs.5000 per month. 

Back in 2014, when Kashmir was hit by a vicious deluge, he saw a video where a reporter was mercilessly asking questions to a mother who lost her son in that severe flood. So, a thought struck Bhuvan’s mind to create a similar video in a satirizing way. He uploaded the video 

on Facebook and got nice views and comments on the same. After that, he made a few more videos and got good responses from people. Then in 2015, he created a YouTube Channel, named (as we all know) BB ki Vines. 

This is where the success story of Bhuvan Bam Begins. 

The Rise Of BB ki Vines 

As the famous adage goes, when one door closes, another door opens. Do you agree? 

Something similar like this happened with your BB ki Vines founder, Bhuvan Bam. Who doesn’t know about BB ki Vines Channel presently? Not only is he famous in India, but also some neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. 

The interesting fact is that before becoming a popular personality in India, he became popular in University in Pakistan due to one of his videos. After that, he started uploading videos on YouTube regularly and became a famous personality in India as well. In Bhuvan’s own words, “I was getting gig offers from neighbouring countries, but no one knew me in India. Just when I was about to accept an offer, one of my videos went viral in India.” 

Today, Bhuvan Bam has 2.51 billion subscribers on YouTube along with billions of views. His creativity, hard work, and skills gained him a mammoth fan base for his channel. In an interview, Bhuvan said “BB ki Vines is my baby. I have put so much time and heart into it.” Whether you call him a singer, songwriter, comedian, composer, social media influencer, or anything else, he’s a jack of all trades. Not only is he known for his comedy, but also for songs he uploads on YouTube Channel. This is how the success story of Bhuvan Bam touched the skies. 

Phase Of Sadness – Loss Of Parents 

In 2021, Bhuvan Bam lost both of his parents due to the ongoing impact of the covid-19 pandemic. There is no doubt that the covid-19 pandemic is still on the loose and badly impacting people worldwide. Anyway, after losing his parents, Bhuvan Bam was all gloomy and disheartening. But he didn’t stop yet. 

Bhuvan – The Rising Star

Bhuvan evolved himself over time and gained a lot of popularity after working with Bollywood stars including Shah Rukh Khan (King Khan of Bollywood). He was also seen featuring in a song with Shraddha Kapoor. “Plus Minus” is a short film that won him a Filmfare award

In October 2021, Bhuvan launched a web series named “Dhindora” on his YouTube Channel. Dhindora is a great show, which revolves around Bhuvan’s family and his everyday life. 

Life Lessons To Learn From Bhuvan Bam Story

Bhuvan Bam is an inspiration for all of us. He struggled a lot like every middle-class person. Anyway, here are a few life lessons you all must learn from his life to succeed in life and never lose hope. 

  • Don’t be jealous of others’ success 
  • Keep your circle positive and choose your friends wisely 
  • If you’re making mistakes, fret not. Forget about what others will think. Just be confident because self-confidence is the key.
  • Never compare yourself with others. And avoid competing with others rather than competing with yourself. It’s better to get inspired by others rather than being jealous and compete with them. 

We hope that the success story of Bhuvan Bam or the journey of BB ki Vines inspired you a lot to never give up on your dreams. “Failure is success in progress,” this Albert Einstein’s quote is quite suitable and relatable to Bhuvan’s life and struggle. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get up and achieve your dreams. 


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