The Inspiring Tale Of ‘Dukaan founder’ Suumit Shah

COVID-19 and the imposition of lockdown across India led small and medium-sized shopkeepers to shut their businesses. However, big companies still managed to keep their business afloat. It was small retailers whose businesses had to face drubbing. To aid these retailers to come out of crises, Suumit Shah, a techie from Mumbai decided to come up with a solution. With help of his friend Subhash Choudhary, he created the app called Dukaan. Now Suumit Shah is famous for being the ‘Dukaan founder.’ 

Hard work, dedication, and vision can be seen in Suumit’s Dukaan app. With this app, he is now counted among famous people in India, and knowing his inspiring tale becomes necessary for all of us. 

Let us walk you through the inspiring tale of Dukaan founder, Suumit shah in this post. 

Early Life And Education 

Suumit Shah, now known as the Dukkan founder was born on 25 December 1990. Coming from a middle-class family in Mumbai, he had his own ups and downs. After his schooling, he used to work in his uncle’s shop nestled in Satara, Maharashtra. He completed his engineering degree in Sangli and as a quick learner, he learned digital marketing and web designing & development courses from one of his roommates in college.

After learning major courses online, Suumit worked with various big corporations like Mcdonald’s, Cred, and many others. Suumit then went on to start his own business under the name Risemetric, along with his friend and CTO Subhash Choudhary, a college dropout who turned out to be a hardcore techie in 2014. 

Let us now shed some light upon the journey of Suumit and Subhash. 

The Journey Of Suumit & Subhash 

Dukaan founder Suumit met Subhash Choudhary through Facebook in 2014. Subhash belongs to a small town in Bihar. Losing his father just at the age of 3, Suumit managed to study up till the age of 17. Once he finished his schooling, he came to Mumbai in search of a job. Suumit was a tech- savvy and thus enrolled in computer hardware and networking course. His talent was soon recognized as he was hired by an MNC in Mumbai. 

Suumit met Subhash in during his computer course, plus both had an eye for digital marketing. They soon cherished their friendship and turned it into a partnership with a marketing agency called Risemetric, as mentioned above. After running the agency successfully, they both launched Dukaan App in May 2020. Dukaan was arguably innovative and became a ‘successful startup’ within no time. 

Dukaan App Idea Struck Suumit’s Mind 

The lockdown in 2020 restricted people to quarantine themselves at home. And small retailers were forced to shut down their businesses due to the severe impact of coronavirus. This was the time when Suumit received a message from a radio jockey stating “Now we start accepting orders on WhatsApp.” Suumit was surprised to receive this text message and then start pondering over it. This idea struck Suumit’s mind and within 48 hours, he along with his friend built “Dukaan” – an Android App. 

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The Launch Of Dukaan App 

India’s most popular digital DIY platform, the Dukaan app was launched in May 2020. The app enables merchants, retailers, and other people with zero programming skills to set up their own eCommerce store. The app allows merchants to set up their business within 30 seconds. The motive behind launching this app was to help offline business owners to come online. Within 20 days of the launch, more than 1.5 lakh online stores were created on the app, 5 lakh products got listed, and more than 75K orders were placed through Dukaan App. 

This O2O (Offline to Online) e-commerce channel enabled small and medium-sized retailers to continue their business even during the time of the coronavirus pandemic. The app empowered almost 2 million small and medium-sized businesses across India to commence and grow their business over the internet. 

The Success Of Dukaan App

Dukaan founder, Suumit Shah earned success in 2020 only with the imposition of lockdown across the country. Today, the Dukaan app has more than 2M stores and 7M products added to 40 different categories of businesses. The app covers more than 400 cities and got more than 75,000 orders. In simple words, the app is empowering India’s small businesses to go online and ushering in the idea of ‘Digital India’ in the true sense.  Moreover, the idea of Digital India can be seen in Suumit’s notable work. 

Parting Words 

The story of Suumit Shah is indeed an inspiration for all of us. In such a short time, he managed to earn ‘name & fame’ altogether through his Dukaan app. After reading his inspiring tale, one thing is clear, it only takes one innovative IDEA to bring you enormous success.  Being an entrepreneur, he understands the need of small and medium retailers and that’s the reason why Dukaan App was launched. We should thank him for giving us such a helpful app to run a business online. Indeed, Suumit has changed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs in India. 

We hope you learned something from Suumit’s success story and are ready to fly in the sky like him.  

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