Switching From Android To iPhone? Here Is Your Quick Guide

Have you already set up your mind for switching from Android to iPhone this year? The sturdy metal body, secure smartphone ecosystem, friendly user interface, appealing design, flagship performance, and of course, high resale value – there are plenty of reasons why people switch from Android to iPhone. If you are all done with Google’s Android devices and looking to switch from Android to iOS, there are certain things to know when switching from Android to iPhone. If you aren’t in the know about how to safely move from the Android operating system (OS) to iOS, we have brought you a quick guide to gear yourself up. 

The guide below will give you a tour of how to safely switch from Android to iPhone without getting stuck into data loss. From transferring your contacts to moving your media files, e.g., music, videos and photos, the guide will cover every keynote for safe switching from Android to iOS

Leave The Unuseful Accessories Behind

Now when you have already set up your mind to switch from Android to iPhone, you need to be a bit mindful about what you aren’t supposed to take along. Yes, we are referring to the old Android phone accessories. Even if any Android accessories are still sealed-packed, they are unuseful for your new iPhone. Yes, it’s obvious, but we have to mention here that your lovely personalised phone case/cover will no longer be of any use for the new device. 

Any Android accessory that relies on Bluetooth to function will be compatible to work with an iPhone. Like any other standard iPhone accessory, most Bluetooth headphones, wireless speakers, and docks will also work fine in the iOS ecosystem. There are additional accessories available in the market that you can use to turn Android accessories compatible to play with iOS devices. When you are switching from Android to iPhone, you can use even the traditional wired headphone with the help of a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter. 

Move To iOS – An App For Switching From Android To iPhone

There are specific tools that can help you for easy switching from Android to iPhone, “Move to iOS” is one such app available on the Google Play Store. The app is handy at transferring your contacts, messages, photos, videos, calendars, and e-mail accounts to your iPhone. Refusing to acknowledge the poor rating of the application, Move to iOS works well to transfer all your essential data from your Android smartphone to your iPhone. 

The app is the most accessible approach to give a try for safely moving your data from your Android smartphone to the iPhone. However, if the app fails to work or doesn’t allow safe transfer of your old files, contacts and messages from Android to your iPhone, there are other ways to try. 

Transferring Contacts From Android Phone To iPhone

Your contacts are the first and foremost thing you will always want to take with you when switching from Android. Though the manual process is there to transfer all your contacts from Android to iPhone one by one, this is too tiring to give a try. Gmail and iTunes are, however, the best approaches to transfer all your contacts to your iPhone. In a nutshell, you can quickly transfer the contact list saved on your Android device to the new iPhone. 

To go well with the process, you need to add the Google account on the Apple device. Adding the Google account that you use to sync your contact list will get the job done – it will merge your Google contacts into your iPhone’s contacts app. 

Moving Your Text Messages From Android To iOS

You will never want your text messages to rest in the old Android smartphone when switching from Android to iPhone, or will you? Transferring text messages from an Android phone to an iPhone doesn’t need you to be a tech nerd. The fact is that you just don’t know how to transfer your contacts between Android and iPhone or vice versa. 

You can bring Google’s Gmail and Apple iTunes to your aid to move text messages to the new Apple iPhone just as you move your contact list. Not only the contacts and messages, but Gmail and iTunes are also handy at transferring everything from email accounts, calendar, and bookmarks saved on your Android device. 

Moving Media (Photos, Videos, Music) And Doc (Word, PDF) Files 

Who will want his precious memories to rest in the dump yard when switching from Android to iPhone? When you are not using the old Android phone, it is better to get all your photos, videos and music library transferred to your iPhone. Backing up the old data stored on your Android device to the new iPhone is easy. You just need to know how to transfer photos, videos and music from Android to iPhone. Here is how you can get down with transferring all the data from Android to iPhone. 

The general tip to transfer your data from android to iPhone is not to try the manual approach. The movies, music, TV shows, ebooks, pdf, and other doc files you purchased from Google Play Store can be accessed through the Google app. You need to install the Google app on the iPhone after setting up the device. 

To successfully go with switching from Android to iPhone, you need to ensure that you don’t have any data left in the old Android smartphone. The photos and videos synced with the Google Photos app are accessible from anywhere and on any device as everything is on the cloud. The same approach can be tried for Google Drive. If any data is stored in the phone’s memory, you can first add all such data on the cloud storage app. Later you can download all the data on your new iPhone. Easy does that. 

Switching From Google To Apple Services

When you used an Android smartphone as your daily driver for calling, emailing, web browsing, streaming, or other things, you had the backing of Google services. However, when you are switching from Android to iPhone, Apple services will be all your support for calling, texting, browsing and streaming. Since Apple iOS allows every Google service to play with equal precision on the Android smartphone, you shouldn’t have any hassle switching from Google to Apple services. 

From iTunes to iCloud, iMovie, Apple CarPlay, Apple Maps for navigation, and Safari for web browsing, Apple offers a whole bouquet of applications to use as an alternative to Google services. However, nothing in an Apple iPhone holds you back from accessing any Google service you were using on your Android smartphone. 

Welcome To iPhone! 

If you do everything in line with the instructions set out in the guide, there is no chance of going anything wrong with switching from android to iPhone. It’s easy to set up your new iPhone when moving from Android to iPhone.

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