Tata Power Solar Unveils India’s Largest Solar Project

Tata has always done its part in building the nation. In true Tata fashion, the company has unveiled India’s largest solar power and battery energy storage project in Chhattisgarh. On Tuesday, Tata Power Solar System Limited (TPSSL) announced that they have commissioned a 100MW solar power project and a 123 MWh Battery energy storage system (BESS) in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh. Tata received this project from the Solar Energy Corporation of India in December 2021 at Rs. 945 Crore. 

Tata Power Solar System Limited (TPSSL) is wholly owned by Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd. (TPREL). The Tata Power solar team faced many difficulties, like unsuitable hard rock soil conditions, making the project much more difficult than expected. However, Tata Power Solar was still able to complete the project by the deadline. Tata has also pledged around Rs 70,000 to develop up to 10 GW of solar wind energy in Tamil Nadu. 

 TPREL CEO and managing director Deepesh Nanda said in a statement, “The successful commissioning of the largest solar and battery storage project for SECI reflects the technical expertise and project execution skills of Tata Power Solar. This will ensure round-the-clock green energy and accelerate the renewable energy transition through innovative solutions”. 

This project will do wonders for the Indian government’s aspirations. The government has been pursuing a cleaner and greener future, and this project is a big step towards that goal. According to company officials, the solar power plant will produce an estimated 243.53 million units of electricity and will reduce the nation’s carbon footprint by 4.87 million tonnes in the next 25 years. 

SECI chairman RP Gupta also said that the government is looking to leverage the latest technology in the clean energy segment, and this solar power project is a testament to the government’s vision. 

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