TCS Introduces New Business Framework, Looking for Accelerated Growth

Tata consultancy service, aka TCS, will launch a new operational structure with four distinct business groups to drive the next phase of growth for India’s largest software exporter. 

The IT giant has its eyes on the next milestone of $50 billion in revenue, according to the sources. 

From April, the company will order its entire business into groups ━ acquisition, relationship incubation, enterprise growth, and business transformation ━ presenting the first-ever model that moves away from the traditional three dimensions of geography, vertical or service. 

There will be different members who will handle different business models. Susheel Vasudevan, currently group head of manufacturing and utilities, will lead the relationship incubation, while Krishnan Ramanujam, who is President and head of business and technology service, will be responsible for enterprise growth. Debashis Ghosh, presently the President of life science, healthcare, energy, and public services, will take charge of business transformation for long-term and large clients. Kamal Bhadada, who is President of the Communication, Media & Information Services Business Unit at TCS, will focus on new business models.  

“The existing models of the company have reached the level of maturity that free up the space for new opportunities,” one of the sources said.

TCS Initiatives

This is not the first time that TCS is restructuring the business framework. In 2008, the company created 23 smaller units of about $250 million each. This structure uplifted the growth from $3 billion in the fiscal year 2008-09. 

Another initiation saw in 2018 when the company restructured its Industry Service Unit (ISU) to focus on long-term strategies. 

“The new units will be fairly independent and self-sufficient, and they will have domain expertise, consulting, vertical know-how, HR, finance and marketing expertise,” as per the news.

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