TCS Alliance With JLR Worth £800 Million To Grow Digitally

“TCS and JLR Digital are going to alliance in a new partnership worth £800 Million. This new partnership expands and deepens their work relationship”

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has recently announced a tactical partnership with JLR Digital unit. The main objective of this partnership is to transform, simplify, and manage JLR’s digital estate. Additionally, TCS will also help to build a future-ready, tactical technology architecture that aligns with JLR’s “reimagine” process. 

Moreover, TCS has been working with JLR for many years assisting them in luxury automaker optimisation and taking over its growth and innovation agenda. So now, this new partnership, which is worth £800 million, will expand and deepen the relationship between both companies. TCS will help JLR with contextual knowledge, deep domain expertise, proprietary platforms, a vast associate ecosystem, and a talent pool to enhance its digital power, simplify and manage its digital estate, and develop a new digital essence that will support their business transformation.

Furthermore, TCS and JLR have an alliance to offer a variety of services, like application development and maintenance, enterprise infrastructure management, cloud migration, cybersecurity, and data services. However, this partnership or alliance will help JLR save money for the next five years, which they can use to invest in the future. Also, TCS will help JLR Digital to improve its client experience by examining the different markets in the world. 

Therefore, this partnership will be bi-modal, which means that leaner operations will fund the new digital core while TCS’s expertise will speed up and reduce the risk of the transformation.

Additionally, Nigel Blenkinsop ( Executive Director of Enterprise Performance & Quality at JLR) said that this step would enhance the benefit of both companies, especially JLR, as TCS has Reimagine strategies.  

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