TCS To Hire More Than 35,000 Freshers This Year

India’s Leading IT company, TCS’ COO has stated that the company will continue with its trend of hiring young talent in the company. He also said that the company is looking to recruit 40,000 freshers approximately. He added that there are no plans for laying off employees. 

This decision comes as a surprise as many big IT companies in India have already confirmed that they will not be recruiting freshers as they need people with a bit more experience. For instance, one of India’s Largest IT companies, Infosys, has made it clear that they will not be hiring freshers. In a statement, CFO Niljan Roy said that the company hired around 50,000 freshers the previous year hence it does not have the need for new freshers. 

TCS recently introduced a new business framework to accelerate growth and since then TCS has been employing people to meet the demands. COO N Ganapathy Subramaniam said that TCS hires people based on demand and market trends. The COO did not completely turn down the idea of hiring laterals but he emphasised giving the new generation chances. 

According to Subramaniam, the company hires fewer lateral employees due to less discretionary spending.  He also stated that during the last 12 to 14 months the company has hired a lot of laterals which has now caused them to hire only freshers this year. 

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