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Fashion Industry: The House Of Innovation

The Fashion industry has significantly evolved, particularly over the last 20 years. The changing dynamics of the fashion industry have forced fashion brands to innovate themselves every day. This is the only way they can successfully compete in the developing environment. There are still many designers staying true to their unique vision and exciting the industry with new textiles, prints, and silhouettes in this fast-fashion world.

Innovation is important for the future development of the fashion industry. Over time, the entrepreneur’s role in the economy and their contribution to economic change and their creativity, innovations, and managerial aspects changed. For instance- Louis Vuitton’s brand characteristics included innovation and creativity, H&M’s retail innovation through collaboration with Luxury designers and Levi’s product customisation.

Tom Ford (Gucci)’s innovation, a trend in fashion history, was changed to a mix of tradition and modern innovation and became the hottest name in International Fashion. In the fashion sector, innovation is a continuous and almost infinite process. One of the innovators, Marks & Spencer, has demonstrated that sustainability pays off as their plan A net benefits surpassed £70m in 2011. His success owes an outstanding debt of gratitude to a long and prosperous track record of innovation. Innovation must emphasise new technologies and new ways of doing things sustainably.

Mr Julian Chang A Fashion Designer With A Difference

They say clothes make a woman. Every woman likes to dress nicely and fashion designer Julian Chang, with his bold prints and signature silhouettes, certainly knows how to dress a woman and make her turn heads wherever she goes. In the world of high fashion, Julian Chang is an internationally reputed fashion designer with a difference.

He is the COO/CEO and Head Designer of his designer label. Julian was born and brought up in Lima, Peru, before moving to the United States of America. Julian had always wanted to be a fashion designer. He completed his BA in Fashion Design from the Miami International University of Art and Design. During his stint at design school, he interned as an illustrator in magazines and did the freelance design for men and women’s fashion wear and swimwear and gathered valuable work experience.

After graduation, Julian started working for a large design company. An early bloomer from Assistant Designer, he became Head Designer in just eight months. This rapid growth gave him the confidence to launch his designer label for developing fashions based on his vision.

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