The Most Promising CPOs in Asia 2024: Core Qualities!

CPOs are the smartest brains who build products and oversee the product lifecycle to ensure it complies with customer demands. Top CPOs in Asia are responsible for creating a robust product strategy and executing it effectively to drive growth and results. Product management shapes the company’s trajectory with vision and trajectory, requiring assistance from highly sensible and authoritative to accelerate business growth. 

Tradeflock interviews the top Chief People Officers (CPOs) in Asia, and these are core qualities that drive the position’s value and reflect its accountability. 

Broad Perspective 

The best CPOs in Asia are accountable for product development and deployment management. With a broad perspective, they can introduce strategic solutions by analysing and projecting challenges. They mostly look beyond the challenges to develop an effective approach to resolving them. 


Top CPOs in Asia have established their identity with their specialised multitasking skills. They supervise everything from the product team, design, and reports to conducting market research and ensuring successful product launches. Only a multi-tasker can manage these diverse and dynamic roles.

Skilled Knowledge

With the position of CPO comes a great sense of responsibility and decision-making. To drive a professional trajectory, it accounts for various skilled knowledge in multiple domains, such as technology, design, marketing, statistics, psychology, sociology, and data analytics. It compliments their position for innovative thinking. 

Debate & Negotiation 

The whole product management journey involves a constant loop of feedback and changes. Successful CPOs in Asia excel at product demonstration, addressing client queries, leading diverse product teams, and negotiating for successful product deployment on a global scale. It can be achieved through excellent communication. 


A product is irrelevant in the global market if it fails to grab customer attention and establish itself as a viable alternative to the existing demand force. CPOs invest to deepen their understanding of customer expectations and follow a continuous customer feedback loop to gain insights.

These are the top qualities you can look for in the best CPOs in Asia, although there are endless possibilities for expansion in this career! 

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