The Rise and Fall of Chitra Ramkrishna, NSE Chief

Chitra Ramkrishna, a Chartered Accountant by training, was associated with NSE in a leadership position since its inception in 1991. She was also the Managing Director and CEO of the NSE from April 2013 to December 2016. These days Ramkrishna is trending for rise and fall in her career. Look at every detail here.  

Chitra has been seen participating in several unlawful tasks being the chief executive officer of the exchange. With her unlawful activities, she has actually invited strictures and charges from the stocks as well as the Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on a minimum of 3 celebrations in the last three years.

Currently, the SEBI has ordered slapping extra penalties on Ramkrishna, including others who ran the procedure at NSE. She is 59, and a legal professional by training was related to the NSE in a management setting because, in the beginning, she became part of the core five-member group, chosen by the federal government in the early 90s to produce a screen-based pan-India stock market. It was in order to allow tidy and clear trading each time the Harshad Mehta rip-off struck the BSE.

The story of Chitra Ramkrishna is huge as she was involved in various activities with her peer members, including R H Patil and Ravi Narian. They were carefully picked from the Industrial Advancement Financial of India (IDBI) by its Chairman, S S Nadkarni, who later became SBI Chairman. 

R H Patil, Ravi Narian and Chitra Ramkrishna belonged to the core group that established NSE. After Narian, she took charge as supervisor and CEO and played the role for five years. NSE viewers concur that she played an essential duty in NSE right, into the biggest stock market in the nation with the assistance of SEBI and the federal government.

Chitra Ramkrishna began her career at IDBI bank in 1985. There, she was responsible for the money department and helped market regulatory authority SEBI for a quick duration prior to signing up with the NSE. 

Later Chitra gave up on her charge, as a result, SEBI banned her from connecting with a provided business or a market framework organization for a duration of five years. 

Recently, on February 11, 2022, SEBI punished the NSE along with its previous MDs and CEOs, Ramakrishna and Narain for a breach of safety and security agreements guidelines in the situation pertaining to the visit of Anand Subramanian as team running policeman. 

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