The Rise of ‘Everything Okay’ – How Culture fuels business growth

Basesh gala  
Founder Chairman , 39 Solutions

Basesh Gala is the Founder Chairman of 39 Solutions, a premier business and management consulting firm. With a deep commitment to delivering strategic insights and actionable solutions, Gala empowers businesses to navigate complex challenges and achieve sustainable growth through data-driven decision making and innovative approaches.  

The business landscape is ever evolving as a new mantra of ‘everything okay.’ This phrase escapes the understanding of the workspace culture. It signifies a transformative shift in how organisations operate and thrive in the field. It also tells how an organisation treats its employees and the general human nature of making mistakes. 

In this article, we delve deep into the rise of ‘everything okay’ and explore how Culture serves as a catalyst for the success of a business and how it makes an organisation a happy place for its employees and the people attached to it. 

The foundation of ‘Everything Okay’ 

This phrase represents a cultural mindset that fosters an organisation’s openness, transparency, and well-being. It also tells how an organisation deals with emergency situations and how well prepared and balanced it is to grow in this constantly changing business environment. 

The work culture transcends the traditional hierarchical structures, encouraging employees at different levels to communicate openly, share their thoughts, and address challenges effectively. 

Communication as the cornerstone 

Effective communication is the linchpin of a company’s growth and a part of the ‘Everything Okay’ culture. Various companies embrace this ethos, promising clear and open lines of communication. Regular monitoring, team meetings, and feedback sessions become vital elements to ensure a company works smoothly. 

Breaking down the silos 

In an organisation where ‘Everything Okay’ is the norm, the traditional silos often hinder the progress of development. The company’s department no longer operates in isolation; instead, the cross-functional collaborations come into action. This improves efficiency and

innovation and provides different perspectives to solve problems and drive the business forward. 

Employee well-being takes centre stage 

The ‘Everything Okay’ cultures create a premium environment for the well-being of the employees. This environment helps keep the employees happy and healthy and keeps them engaged and productive. Hence, flexible work schedules, wellness programs, and a supportive environment contribute to a workforce where every employee feels valued, resulting in increased loyalty and lower turnover rates. 

What’s The Way Forward?

The rise of the phrase ‘Everything Okay’ signifies a paradigm shift in how a business operates. Culture, once seen as a secondary consideration, is now recognized as a driving force that can lead to sustainable growth. Organisations embracing the ‘Everything Okay’ culture will create a positive, collaborative, and innovative environment. As the business landscape continues to evolve, the importance of a robust and positive culture will undoubtedly remain a key factor in determining which companies thrive in the dynamic and competitive marketplace.