10 Most Essential Tools To Optimise Sales Process

Around a trillion dollars is spent on the sales workforce throughout the year, and still, the sales process is taking 22% longer compared to the past five years. The data shows that there is some lag in the process. Technology comes into the picture to bridge this gap and optimise the sales process. The advent of new tools and technology in the sales process has made it possible to optimise and boost the process of sales exponentially. This article presents you with a list of tools to optimise sales process and grow your business exponentially without hassle.

There are different categories in the sales process, and many tools are available to optimise each category. 

1. Customer Relationship Management 

A bunch of information is made available to the organisation, making it difficult to manage and organise this vast information manually. This is where CRM comes into the picture and makes segregation easier. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is responsible for interacting smoothly with customers, tracking existing customers, have better customer relationships, enhance customer retention rate, and ensure smooth communication with them. HubSpot, Dynamics, Zoho, Freshworks, etc. are a few CRM software tools to optimise sales process.

2. Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence provides relevant information about the client’s needs that helps the sales and marketing team to find the best solution. Many tools are available for sales intelligence, that help optimise the sales process. Some tools to optimise sales processes in the category of sales intelligence are Linkedin Sales Navigator, ZomInfo Sales OS, Groove, Owler etc.

3. Sales Acceleration

As the name suggests, sales acceleration is about increasing the pace of the sales process. Many tools and software are used in this category to optimise the sales process. Lead411, Gong, ChiliPiper, Groove etc. are a few tools that can be used to boost the process of sales acceleration.

4. Sales Analysis

Sales analysis presents a report card to demonstrate the progress of the sales and this process requires a lot of statistical entries, making it more feasible to automate. HubSpot Sales Hub, Power BI MaxG, Zoho Analytics, etc., are the tools to optimise sales process, mainly targeting sales analysis. 

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5. Sales Productivity

Sales productivity is the total output that the sales team produces. Tools designed to boost sales productivity can help in better execution of the sales process and provide quantitative reports with fewer chances of errors. Some sales productivity tools are Toggl, Basecamp, Calendly, Adobe Sign, etc. 

6. Marketing Automation 

The sales and marketing department automate some tasks to increase efficiency of tasks, such as email marketing and ad campaigns. This is done not only to be more efficient but also to provide consistency. HubSpot Marketing Automation, Many Chat, Moosend, Ontraport, etc., are a few popular marketing automation tools to optimise sales process. 

7. Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing means filtering out unprofitable businesses by the combined consensus of marketing and sales teams to create a customised experience for the end user. A lot of tools to optimise sales process in the area of account-based marketing are available some of them are: LeadGenius, Leadfreeder, Vainu, Datanyze, etc. 

8. Email Management 

Email management revolves around controlling the quality and quantity of emails a company receives. A variety of email marketing tools are available in the market that help the organisation to keep track of bulk emails received and sent. Email management tools are important for an organisation to maintain consistency in the inflow and outflow of emails. Tools to optimise sales process that can be used to effectively manage the large number of emails flowing in the organisation are Zendesk, Hiver, SaneBox, Microsoft 365, etc.

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9. Buyer Enablement

It is essential to ensure that the buyer has been provided with the tools and information required to buy the company product or service. The salesperson’s task is to enable the buyer to access the essential information and help them understand the product/service of the company. Some of the popular tools to optimise sales process that can help with buyer enablement are Boxxstep, Gartner, Enableus, etc. 

10. Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management is the process of regulating and tracking the procedures of a contract from the very beginning until the last stage. The process starts with the issue of the agreement until the final delivery. Tools that can automate contract lifecycle management are DocuSign CLM, SAP Ariba Contracts, Conga Contract, LinkSquares, etc. 

End Note

Various tools to optimise sales process are present, making it difficult to select the best out of the lot. This write-up presents details that are required for selecting the best tools to optimise your sales process. With the growing advent of technology, it has become necessary to automate and digitise processes to yield better results. The sales process holds high pedestal in the business world and optimising this process can provide an additional boost to the businesses as well. 

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