Top 5 Robotics Companies in USA You Can Follow For Inspiration

Maintaining a robotic company is not an easy task. Yet, we are impressed by a few robotics companies in USA that are creating feature-rich robots with innovative technologies and secretly narrating the future.

These top 5 robotics companies in USA are more than ordinary robot-maker. A few of these have created some of the most innovative robots leveraging advanced robotic technologies of all time. By saving on production costs, which is why electronics companies are moving to Mexico, they can focus their budget on research and development, so that they can produce super robots. From swift delivery of essential medical supplies to serving the military, these robotics companies are putting super robots to work in all possible ways. Let’s check what we are talking about!

1- Zipline

While eCommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart are still planning to deliver essential customer goods by drone, Zipline—one of the best robotics companies in USA — has already deployed this technology.

The company has invented feature-rich drone robots to deliver essential medical goods such as blood products and vaccines to remote hospitals. With a capacity of flying 100-miles at up to 80 mph, Zipline’s drones have saved thousands of lives in Rwanda and Ghana. Even today, the company has delivered covid-vaccines in far-flung areas of the United States. It is one of the top players in the drone logistics market.

Headquarter: San Francisco: 

Founder: Keller Rinaudo, Keenan Wyrobek

2- Sphero

Despite doing well with its STEAM-based educational tools, Sphero is still closely associated with its cool programmable toy robots, including Namesake Sphere and Star Wars’ BB-8. IN 2019, it acquired littleBits. Since then, the company has transformed the way kids learn and create through coding, music, science, and art.

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One of the top robotics companies in USA, Sphero is still best known for its robots like Sphero SPRK+, Ultimate Lightning McQueen, and Sphero Bolt. Today’s Sphero is simplifying education leveraging the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Headquarter: Colorado United States

Founder: Ian Bernstein; Adam Wilson

3- Simbe Robotics

Conducting timely checks and managing inventory is indeed not a favorite of any retail firm—it takes their most valuable time they can spend on serving customers or planning a roadmap for their store success.  Simbe robotics has simplified the inventory management for even the biggest eCommerce companies like Walmart and Amazon.

Simbe robots are advanced, dedicated, and equipped with plenty of high-end features. They’ve already walked around 25,000 miles of stores for leading retail merchants such as Eagle Grocers and Decathlon, etc. In 2019, Simbe had over 50 robots in the field. The figure is expected to escalate up to as many as 25,000 by 2025. If it happens, it will top our list of top robotics companies in USA.

Headquarter: San Francisco United States

Founder: Jeff Gee

4- Roam Robotics

If we talk about the best robotics companies in USA for the healthcare industry, the list won’t complete without mentioning Roam Robotics. According to reports, approximately 1.7 billion people globally diagnose—or will diagnose with knee osteoarthritis.

Roam Robotics is working on simplifying their lives by offering an inexpensive alternative to invasive surgery in the form of—its lightweight exoskeleton—wearable robots. The company has been using this technology to knee and ankle exoskeleton for military use.

Headquarter: San Francisco, CA

Founder: Tim Swift

5- Intel

While we are talking about the top robotics companies in USA, it was mandatory to mention Intel- the chip-making giant in the world. The company has vast experience in creating drone robots, mobile computers, and plenty of other innovative gadgets leveraging high-end technologies.

Its associating company, Intel Lab, is currently working on “collaborative minibots”—tiny, AI-based flying robots that can fly to unknown locations and gather the most valuable data. With this capability, they are more likely to be used for rescue missions and military uses.

Headquarter: Santa Clara

Founder: Patrick P. Gelsinger

So, you see how these top robotics companies in USA are simplifying operations and transforming industries, even the critical ones like healthcare and logistics. They are genuinely the future-makers!


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