Top Event Management Company In India

Organizing and managing an event is one of the most complex tasks. Many people search for the top event management company in India to reduce their hassles. The success of event management companies depends on the event managed and organized by the company. 

India sees a lot of events happening every day all over the country. So next time you plan a party of or big corporate event, go through this list of top 10 event management companies in India and pick your choice! 

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Top 10 Event Management Companies in India

We’ve provided a comprehensive list of the top 10 event management companies in India. 

1- Percept D Mark

The corporate office of Percept D Marks is in Noida. They have a group of 1000 workers and they make sure that they provide the best possible services to their clients. The company deals with various sectors, including the media, communication, and entertainment sector and various services like advertising, design, packaging, marketing, and brand consultancy. This is why it is considered the top event management company in India. 

2- Wizcraft

Wizcraft has a corporate office in Mumbai. The company’s business with the entertainment and communication sector. They have a group of 300 professional workers that are responsible for providing various services, including retail design, television production, and exhibition. 

3- Cox And King

Cox and King is a top event management company in India and offers various services, including conference organising, seminars, business meetings, and various exhibitions. They are a trusted company with lots of experience in organizing big-scale events. They served thousands of clients over the year like Puma and more. 

4- DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd. 

DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd. has a corporate office in Bangalore. They have an excellent work environment and provide various services to their clients. The company is reliable and provides quality assurance to its customers. . It manages events for different sectors like sports, music etc. Because of its quality services, it got immense popularity and became the top event management company in India. 

5- Sita

The company’s corporate office is in New Delhi and has over more than 300 employees. 

Sita is connected with even travel management companies. It has provided services to various sectors like conference management and exhibition  Travel management companies are also its clients. Today, Sita is counted as the top event management company in India due to its strong clientele. 

6- E Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 

E Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. has more than 500 working employees who deliver outstanding and satisfactory event projects to its customers. It has a corporate office in Noida. It is the first time in history, the company provides services for weddings as well. Now it is also counted as the top event management company in India for wedding management too. 

7- Cineyug

What do you think from where  Stardust and Zee Cine awards get glamour look? It is none other than Cineyug. It makes everything possible, from keeping the celebrities in the spotlight, to bringing them publicity. Cineyug has a wonderful legacy when it comes to film-related events. However, it also focuses on sports, corporate, and wedding events, that’s why it has become the top event management company in India. 

8- Pegasus

Over the years, the company has made their name on the list of top event company in India. It manages various events like large and small conferences, roadshows, all kinds of PR campaigns, Awards, and conferences. 

9- Tafcon

Tafcon organises different events like conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows. They have organised various events like Coal beneficial, IME, Travel Tourism, Hospitality expo, and other government events. Also, they were not an active brand on social media. Tafcon show brilliant event skills in their conference and it is considered the top event management company in India. 

10- 360 Degree Event

360 Degree Event Management is famous for organising 360 events in India. They provide 360 event planning services. They prove themself as a great choice for you by solving all your queries. The company organises various events, including conventions, Trade events, Conferences & Seminars. Film entertainment & Awards nights, Press events, brand promotion, and many more. 

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11- Encompass Events

Encompass Events organised various events like government events, conferences & conventions, Exhibitions, promotion, and sporting activation. They have won lots of awards. Their vision is to create sustainable result-oriented results that define the industry. Encompass event is the top event management company in India. 

12- Travel Corporation (India) Ltd. 

Travel Corporation Ltd. has headquarters in Delhi NCR. It is one of the customer-friendly and reliable companies in the industry with more than 1000 people. The company organises events like meetings, exhibitions, conferences, and many more. 

Final Words

Lastly, these are the top event management companies in India. They will help you to make your dream come true and extraordinary while arranging everything within your budget. 

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