Top 10 Fintech Companies in America in 2021

Top 10 Fintech Companies in America with over 1 million of total funding. Gauge through the list below.

Fintech, or Financial Technology, has become the world’s fastest growing sector in the last decade. Money transactions between businesses across the world was never so easy before Fintech. It has made various financial processes easier while utilizing the technologies like mobile banking, investing and blockchain apps. 

According to the report, The global fintech market valued $127.66 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $309.98 billion in 2022 with an annual growth rate of 25%

With over thousands of fintech companies alone in the United States, it can be slightly challenging to find a professional and reliable finetech company to tuomate & improve your company’s financial process. But, you don’t have to worry, we’ve done the job for you. Here are  the top 10 Fintech Companies in America that are helping different business sectors such as Banking, Payments, Insurance, Currency, and Exchange, etc

List of Top 10 Fintech Companies in USA


On the list of top 10 Fintech companies in America, Strips holds the #1 rank because of its total funding of $ 36 billion as of 2020. Most eCommerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart use Stripe to make online payments. In 2019, it launched a new Corporate credit card and new business loan, with the simple repayment process. The company will automatically deduct the loan amount from the payment processes for borrowers.

Total Funding – $ 36 billion 

2. Ripple 

Ripple is the second company on the list of Fintech Companies in USA. Ripple network spans over 40 countries and 6 continents and crosses 300 clients. In 2019, Ripple sold $ 500 million of XRP and invested $50 in MoneyGram, which now uses XRP in 10% of its cross-border transactions in Mexico. 

Total Funding – $ 10 billion 

3. Coinbase

Coinbase made it easy for users to make payments from miles away over 100 countries in just a few taps. Being one of the top 10 Fintech Companies in America, it makes its mark as the safest and regulatory crypto exchange in the industry. 

Total Funding – $ 8.1 billion 

4. Robinhood 

This mobile app offers commission-free trading of cryptocurrency, ETFs, and stocks. In 2020, it launched its new feature,’ Cash Management,’ which pays 1.8% interest in uninvested cash in your brokerage account. If you’re looking for a free website that offers extensive stock research, check different stock research tools. They are a comprehensive investment research platform and market data. You can access premium data and charts, perform technical analysis, and monitor market news and trends. You can even manage your risk and monitor portfolio performance. 

Total Funding – $ 7.6 billion 

5. Chime

Chime offers a debit card, fee-free overdraft protection of up to $ 100, and allows access to paycheck up. It also offers free checking accounts with options to automatically purchase and deposit the change into saving accounts. 

Total Funding – $ 5.8 billion 

6. Plaid

Plaid doubled its customers in 2019 by delivering a wide range of features in payment options. It connects payments apps and Personal Finance Apps like Square Cash and Acorn to users to transfer and track funds that make its mark in the top 10 Fintech companies in America.

Total Funding – $ 5.3 billion 

7. SoFi

SoFi has expanded its services to personal loans, mortgages, checking accounts, saving and investing, and insurance. It has loaned $ 45 billion to date to more than 1,000, 000 members. 

Total Funding – $ 4.8 billion 

8. Credit Karma

Started with offering free credit monitoring and credit score service, it expanded its services free online tax filing and high yield saving accounts. Today, Credit Karma is one of the top Fintech Companies in 2021. 

Total Funding – $ 4 billion 

9. Opendoor 

Opendoor is the home-seller company offering its services in 21 cities but is considered as the best company in the list of Fintech Companies in USA. The app enables users to schedule self-guided tours and make offers on any sale in 6 cities. 

Total Funding – $ 3.8 billion 

10 . Root

In the list of Fintech Companies in USA, Root secured its place because of its worthy features. It provides car insurance to drivers in 30 U.S states with the help of mobile apps. Root became the first insurance tech startup in the industry to achieve unicorn status. 

Total Funding – $ 3.7 billion 

Fintech, a combination of ‘Financial Technology’, is a huge term that includes various other sectors and industries such as education, retail banking, investment management, fundraising, and nonprofit to name a few. It also makes use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

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