Top Healthcare Startups 2021 To Watch In Next 10 Years

If you think healthcare has reached its extremity, think again. On average, 2,500 startups open in the healthcare industry each year, bringing innovation across 24 sectors. If you are into healthcare or planning to get into it, here are the top healthcare startups 2021 to watch in the next ten years.

While scientists and doctors constantly innovate and learn new ways to streamline patient care, tech healthcare startups need to be encouraged. They are liable to inspire the nimbler healthcare practices to expand their contribution to the emerging healthcare industry.

The following healthcare startups 2021 are bringing the most sought-after innovation in the healthcare industry, projected to reach $39,012.0 million by 2030. Let’s check out these fresh Healthcare Startups 2021 with an idea to change healthcare forever.

1- DocPrime

The latest subsidiary of Policybazaar Group, DocPrime, is an early-age Indian healthcare startup that redefines how Indians seek healthcare services. Touted as one of the best healthcare startups 2021, DocPrime strives to make healthcare accessible, affordable, and reliable for everyone.

How Does It Work?

DocPrime simply connects the patients with healthcare providers in real-time to bridge the communication gap using its state-of-the-art online platform. Alongside the free consultations by an in-house team of experienced doctors, the startup also aims to simplify doctor appointments and lab tests. Additionally, it provides a free end-to-end encrypted digital locker to sync your healthcare-related documents to eliminate poor documentation.

Founder: Yashish Dahiya


2- Sprint Medical

Sprint Medical came up with an innovative idea to provide telemedicine doctor consultations in India. One of the best-doing healthcare startups 2021, Sprint Medical, renders Primary and Secondary healthcare to the patients living in far-flung areas in India.

How Does It Work?

The company aims to make specialty doctors available virtually on video and audio calls to ensure quality healthcare services. They have MD, MS doctors combined with 60+ years of experience in treating chronic diseases and illnesses, making it one of India’s best healthcare startups 2021.

Whether you need a psychiatrist or Palliative Medicine Specialists, you can consult a doctor online and get the best treatment plans online.

Founder: Tauseef Ahmad


3- Sidqam Technologies

A Noida-based healthcare IT solution provider, Sidqam Technologies focuses on bringing innovation in the healthcare industry by providing a spectrum of healthcare software for providers and patients. Counted among the top healthcare startups 2021, the company is helping individuals and healthcare organizations improve patient care by implementing cutting-edge technology.

How Does It Work?

It simplifies patient care by enabling healthcare providers to leverage the next-generation technology. Its flagship product named Eventus, has introduced an innovative Electronic Healthcare System for the evolving Indian healthcare market. One of the most sought-after healthcare startups 2021, the company is mainly into healthcare development.

Founder: Fardeen Siddiqui, Rahil Qamar Siddiqui


4- Kindbody

If you are brainstorming on starting a business in the family-building sector of healthcare, Kindbody is undoubtedly one of the top healthcare startups 2021. The company has successfully raised $125 million, including $62 million series C funding in June, making it the biggest fertility startup in the last decade.

How Does It Work?

Kindbody is one of the most in-demand fertility-based healthcare startups 2021. The company does everything from egg freezing and IVF to gynaecological care. Led by Gina Bartasi, founder of Progyny, Kindbody has a network of over 300 in-person clinics across the country.

Founder: Gina Bartasi


5- Allara Health

A virtual care platform for women suffering from polyclinic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, just started in June 2021, has five employees, successfully managing to draw funding of $2.5 billion.

How Does It Work?

Since polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects 1 in every ten women of reproductive age—Allara Health introduced the concept of providing virtual round-the-clock care for PCOS. Its team consists of professional practitioners and registered dietitians. The app provides support via video and audio calls and gets advanced diagnostic testing and prescriptions as required.

Founder: Rachel Blank


6- BioMilq

The very first company to successfully reproduce a mother’s breast milk in a lab, BioMilq is one of the greatest healthcare startups 2021. It is one of its kind of startups with an unmatched price competitive formula to win.

How Does It Work?

Regarded as one of the most successful healthcare startups 2021, BioMilq is unlocking human potential with innovative mammary biotechnology to provide the nutrition of breastmilk to empower the new generation.

Founder: Michelle Egger


7- Oula Health

A remote maternity care service rolled out in 2019, Oula dominates the list of most successful healthcare startups in the last decade. Regarded as one of the most unorthodox healthcare startups 2021, Oula has a vast network of hospitals and individual healthcare practitioners. 

How Does It Work?

Oula is redefining maternity care from Ground Zero. The company offers the best obstetrics and attached pregnancy experience from virtual and in-person parental visits to midwifery coachings. 

Founder: Adrianne Nickerson


8- Elda Health

Elda Health is an early-stage startup focusing on delivering tailor-made solutions to mid-life urban women living alone in big cities. Being one of the distinct healthcare startups 2021, it carries out a holistic approach to help women understand and address their health issues.

How Does It Work?

Being a women-led company, Elda Health aims to deliver healthcare solutions accessible to women of all ages.  It has a vast network of experienced healthcare providers, creating personalized health plans per health condition and specific needs.

Founder: Swathi Kulkarni


9- Sugar.Fit

Just like CureFit, a health and fitness company started in 2016, Sugar.Fit is an online platform guiding people with type-2 diabetes to build muscles and tone their body. Unlike CureFit, Sugar.Fit has a more personalized evidence-based approach to Type-2 and pre-diabetes reversal & management.

How Does It Work?

Sugar.Fit program works effectively, right from tracking your blood sugar level to getting medications to schedule virtual appointments with the most talented diabetes experts in India. With a simple eating formula, it overreaches many of its kind healthcare startups 2021.

Founder: Madan Somasundaram


10- Medpho

The global healthcare IT market will reach $166 billion by 2028, and initiatives like Medpho strengthen this estimate. One of the fastest-growing healthcare startups 2021, Medpho is an online platform offering comprehensive healthcare IT solutions for organizations and individual healthcare providers.

How Does It Work?

Leveraging the potential of AI, the company is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, especially the diagnostic and pharmacy sectors. The amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies and an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry and its complications are helping the startup to ease up the challenges of doctors and patients in India.

Founder: Shashank Saini


11- Biddano

Simplifying the healthcare ecosystem, Biddano is one of the recent healthcare startups 2021, helping hospitals and pharmacies expand their horizon. It is India’s first B2B healthcare supply chain platform.

How Does It Work?

Put simply, Biddano is an app, connecting distributors with Pharmacies and hospitals for hassle-free delivery of crucial healthcare supplies. Working on an advanced logistic and tech-enabled system, it streamlines the healthcare product deliveries and strengthens the relations between manufacturer and distributor.

Founder:  Talha Shaikh


12- Mindset Health

Last but not least, Mindset Health is surely one of the most innovative healthcare startups 2021. While every other entry on this list strives to simplify the healthcare offerings and patient care, Mindset Health is a digital therapeutics platform.

How Does It Work?

The expert therapists at Mindset Health create custom mobile hypnotherapy programs to help people with Agoraphobia, Generalized anxiety disorder, Panic disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, and anxiety-related health issues. Being seated among the top healthcare startups 2021, Mindset Health is one of its kind of startups. It will soon release programs for Menopause and hot flashes.

Founder: Alex and Chris Naoumidis


If you’re into any healthcare industry segment, these are the top healthcare startups to keep on track for the next ten years. We are pretty sure that startups like DocPrime, Kindbody, and Medpho will bring an innovation that lasts forever.

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