Leaders from Retail in India 2023: The Transformation Heroes of the Industry 

Challenging times require strong leadership, and it’s high time that retail bosses emphasise customer-centric business models. In such situations, a good retail leader must develop a robust and practical strategy to steer through the potential challenges, keep stakeholders pleased and encourage the team while delivering a compelling customer experience. On its expedition to recognise top leaders from retail in India in 2023, TradeFlock interviewed top leaders and professionals from the retail industry to determine the key attributes of retail leaders in India. 

Key Traits of Top Leaders From Retail in India 2023 

Certain abilities, skills and characteristics distinguish the best from the good. We have filtered such qualities and attributes that collectively make great and inspiring leaders from retail in India. 

They Create a Unified Customer Experience 

97% of business leaders agree on the fact that customer experience management is an extremely significant business strategy to build a loyal and long-lasting customer base. Best leaders from retail in India understand it well and ensure consistency, convenience, friendliness and human touch in their organisations’ offerings. Additionally, they provide the tools and resources their team requires to deliver a unified customer experience. 

They Make Physical Shopping Engaging

As online shopping is the new normal, retail organisations have been forced to rethink and evaluate the role of their stores. The best leaders from retail in India pay special attention to combining online and physical shopping and maintaining footfall and engagement. They are also aware of the fact that the experience would be crucial for the future of the retail stores, but it must be thoughtful and streamlined with the company’s brand value. 

They Embed Sustainability Values 

Data indicates that the retail supply chain contributes around 25% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. This number has forced retailers to embed sustainable practices into their supply chain operations. The best leaders in retail in India boost the progress of their organisations towards sustainability, which eventually benefits in terms of cost saving and improved efficiency. 

They Value  Upskilling and Reskilling 

Efficient leaders from retail in India understand that there is a critical need to reassess which processes can be effective in conditions where health concerns have significantly increased. Consequently, they build a highly adaptable workforce by swiftly upskilling and reskilling existing employees. Moreover, they understand the significance of upskilling and reskilling since technological advancements must be adopted in a constantly changing business environment. 

They Keep Their Employees Motivated 

Celebrating and rewarding their teams is something the best leaders from retail in India do to keep their employees motivated. They don’t hesitate to reward their most efficient and top-performing employees with exciting bonuses and incentives. In addition, they give ample freedom and flexibility to employees to get the job done in their own style. These are some effective ways through which top leaders from retail in India keep their employees inspired.  

They Embrace Constant Change 

The volatile retail environment continuously evolves and requires effective decisions to bring the business back toward achieving its ultimate objectives. Influential leaders from retail, including Founder,  Co-founder, MD, Chairman, Senior Director- Global Service Delivery Enablement (Financial and Retail Services), Director – Offline Retail, Marketing and Retail Director, Head Of E-commerce and President-Retail, embrace the constant change, enabling TradeFlock to consider them in its list of best leaders from retail in India 2023.

They Align Their Brand and Customer Experience 

Top leaders from retail in India understand this fact well that the product and services offered should be aligned with their values; otherwise, customers will notice it in no time. They know that the authenticity of a brand is essential to build trust among the customers and reflects honesty and transparency. India’s best retail leaders translate the values to their employees to ensure the customer experience, particularly when employees are interacting with customers.  

They Keep Clear Expectations with Workforce 

It is vital to communicate and keep employees clear about the organisation’s expectations of its employees. It helps employees understand organisational goals and their role in achieving them. The best leaders from retail in India give their teams a clear understanding of what is expected of them since they know it is key to a productive workspace. 

The aforementioned attributes and qualities are standards on which TradeFlock assesses top retail professionals and compiles its list of the best retail leaders in India 2023.

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