Top Logistics Companies In India Ranked As Per Revenue

Logistics is one of the fastest-growing verticals in India. In contrast to the exponential expansion, we have ranked the top logistic companies in India based on several factors.

Since third-party logistic companies handle the majority of logistics-related work for online businesses, they have become an integral part of the emerging eCommerce Industry in India, which is expected to grow US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion as of 2017.

Major Logistics Companies In India

Whether you are planning to step into the logistic industry or seek partnering with a reliable logistic company, gauge through the top logistics companies in India. We tried to rank the most deserving company based on;

  • Reachability
  • Revenue
  • Warehouse Availability
  • Track Record

Let’s gauge through the list and see what the top logistics companies in India are.

Container Corporation Of India LTD

Incorporated in March 1988 and started operation in November 1989, Container Corporation Of India LTD is one of the top logistics companies in India–in terms of sales in recent years. It operates inland containers, mainly from Railways, Customs, Sea Ports, Shipping Lines, Road haulers, Banks, etc. However, it is a wholly-owned subsidy of Indian Railways.

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One of the top logistics companies in India, CONCOR has the largest network in the country–84 ICDs/CFSs across India.

Allcargo Logistics LTD

Regarded as a global leader in the logistics field, Allcargo Logistics LTD is one of the top logistics companies in India, the second-largest though. The company creates and delivers innovative and adaptable services for your supply chain needs.

The company operates across over 180 countries through 300+ offices worldwide. One of the largest publicly listed logistics companies has a consolidated revenue of â‚ą7,346 crores as of March 2020.

Aegis Logistics LTD

Coming up at third among the top logistics companies in India, Aegis Logistics LTD was started in 1956 and released its IPO on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) in 1978. Its shares are also in trade on the National Stock Exchange, so it can be a nice bet if you are planning to invest in the Stock market.

Aegis Logistics LTD operates with 4038 employees across all its locations in India and overseas. It is the third-largest logistics company with â‚ą5,453 revenue generated in 2020.

Blue Dart

Perhaps the popular logistics company with whom every common person is familiar these days, Blue Dart ranks among the top logistics companies in India because of its express services. It was incorporated in 1994 and became the largest logistics company in India with its international air package services.

Blue Dart is one of the top logistics companies in India, with  85+ domestic and nine international warehouses, respectively, in India and across the world. 


DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn) is an international package courier service, which gained trust and popularity in India due to its affordable cost and safest deliveries across India and overseas.

With its top-class services like international delivery, eCommerce logistics, warehousing, and express delivery, it ranks among the top logistics companies in India. The company has over 2,85,000 employees to ensure customer satisfaction with every delivery. As of 2020, the company is valued at 66.81 billion Euros, but it ranks fifth among the top logistics companies in India.

Gati LTD

Founded in 1989, Gati LTD is one of the top logistics companies in India with express distribution and supply chain solutions. It has over 243 offices in the Asia Pacific Region and neighboring countries.

The company boasts a solid domestic presence by delivering small domestic, commercial, and industrial freight. It serves close to 19,000 postal codes and covers over 676 districts in India. With revenue of 17.11 billion INR, it ranks at sixth among the top logistics companies in India.


DTDC had a very humble beginning in 1990, and today, it is a renowned National Courier Company with the largest network of delivery destinations in India. It offers multiple logistics solutions, including incoming, outbound cargo, and freight.

It has over 176 controlling regional offices and branch offices and operates through over 4,000 Franchisee Offices spread across the country. Besides cargo and door-to-door delivery, DTDC offers a range of solutions, including marketplace listing, multi-vendor management, and operates India’s largest last-mile network.

Final Word

The logistics industry is on boom in India, thanks to sudden growth in eCommerce, development in remote areas, and the Made In India campaign, which has surged Indian manufacturers to export.

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